Hinckley Yachts Will Help You Build Your Dream Boat, Teach You How to Sail It and Offer 365 Days of 24/7 Support

Hinckley yacht

Photos Courtesy of Hinckley Company

Often when we buy a luxury yacht, that's as far as our involvement with the company goes. But buying from Hinckley means that you become part of a community full of people who all share a deep connection with the brand that built their vessel. Promising a extraordinary level of personal service, Hinckley wants to build your dream jet or sailboat with you, not just for you.

Hinckley yacht

To make sure your boat is uniquely yours, the company gives you a yacht consultant and project manager to help you during each construction phase — even down to the colors and fabrics. Once the yacht is finished and delivered, you're given a three-day training session with one of their professionals to make sure you're completely comfortable with handling your new toy. You will learn a number of things, like open water sailing and maneuvering in small spaces. You can also request more on-demand training throughout your first year of ownership if you need some extra help. Wanting to cater to whatever needs you may have, Hinckley offers 24/7 service support, including maintenance, cleaning, and transportation — for both speed and sailboats.

Of course, you can always buy one of their preexisting models instead of customizing your own, like their SW70 or the T38R Convertible speed boat, though you have to inquire as to the price of what you're after. 

Hinckley yachtHinckley yachtHinckley yachtHinckley yacht

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