CF8 Future Yacht Concept Cuts Like a Knife

Sea Level Engineering, CF8 Future Concept

Photos Credit: Sea Level Engineering

Sea Level Engineering’s CF8 Future Concept is anything but traditional. The Holland-based company hasn’t released many details—meaning there probably isn’t a buyer yet—but they have revealed that it is 262 feet long and can reach 20 mph. And before you ask, yes, it does have a waterfall.

Sea Level Engineering, CF8 Future Concept

From the images, it’s clear that the knife-shaped yacht features a helipad on the upper deck, as well as a cascading water feature that empties into the pool on the deck below. The stern also seems to have been designed to show off the owner’s exotic car collection, which would make it a great choice for luxury marques looking for new ways to launch future models.  

Sea Level Engineering, CF8 Future Concept

Before you jump to the conclusion that the CF8 will never be built, don’t forget that the world is full of billionaires who love to fund concept designs—like Andrey Melnichenko’s $300 million-dollar A yacht

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