Triton's Titanic Explorer: World’s Deepest Diving Acrylic-Hulled Manned Sub

(credit: Dark Ocean Design)

The cutting-edge Triton 13000/2 TE, or Titanic Explorer, will be the deepest diving acrylic pressure-hulled manned submersible ever produced. Triton Submarines LLC, the leading manufacturer of personal submarines designed for yachts, began this venture in 2019 and is named in honor of Triton’s August 2019 first manned mission to visit the RMS Titanic in 14-years. While the design has been released, Triton Submarines will not build the submersible until they have a buyer.

(credit: Dark Ocean Design)

With the ability to dive to 4,000m (13,123ft) and features for the first time ever, Gull Wings which retract and “are equipped with lighting and cameras so you can essentially light your subject from one angle while shooting from the other, and even adjust the position of the wings for dexterity, control and maneuverability. It’s a remarkable advancement, particularly for filmmakers, researchers or scientists who are using the vehicle,” said Triton Principal Design Engineer John Ramsay. The Gull Wings when fully deployed measure 6m (19.685 ft) and when retracted out of water, allows the vehicle to be stored and maintained from a small garage.

Along with the enormous 500 kg payload capacity, it features an industry-first acrylic sphere in which passengers of the Triton Titanic Explorer sit. The development of manufacturing techniques, proprietary only to Triton has allowed for this massive achievement as its thick and strong transparent acrylic becomes nearly virtually invisible once immersed in the deep ocean. Its ‘Silent Glide’ feature can be enabled to allow gentle, sweeping turns perfect for cinematic camera work. With a top speed of 3 knots its propulsion system and 4 x 5.5 kW direct drive auxiliary thrusters were designed not to disturb marine life when on the move. 

(credit: Dark Ocean Design)

“We’ve found it’s not just about going down in a submersible, it’s about the user experience and the things we can do once underwater,” said Triton Co-Founder and President Patrick Lahey. “People are starting to think about submarines and ocean exploration in a whole new way and we’re excited to bring that technology to them.”

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