Inside Ki’ama Bahamas, the World’s First Co-Ownership Yacht + Residential Club

Ki'ama Bahamas

For luxury buyers looking to indulge in the best of both worlds for waterfront living, they may want to embark to the cerulean waters of the Caribbean. EcoIsland Development, in partnership with Silent Resorts & Silent Yachts, has introduced a one-of-a-kind residential resort club in the Bahamas touting the world’s first 100% solar powered, fully sustainable carbon neutral private island yacht and residence club. Where else can you co-own both a luxury yacht and an island home? Currently, nowhere else on earth aside from Elizabeth Island, just 10 minutes from Exuma. Ki’ama Bahamas features whole and shared ownership of island property, residences and yachts.

Ki'ama Bahamas -rendering of a solar-powered, estate home

Club members at Ki’ama Bahamas can reserve a solar-powered yacht for cruising around the Caribbean. The club comprises 16 four-bedroom Club residences and eight six-bedroom estate homes, a fleet of solar-powered and crewed yachts, electric day boats, a beach club, spa, restaurant, a two-acre protected marina and six private white sand beaches. Owners can enjoy their home and yacht a minimum of five weeks per year (unlimited based on space availability) and can rent their time as well. Current pricing for the first release of the Club residences starts at $525,000. Eight estate residences will be available starting at $4.25 million. Already, the club has had a swift volume of interest and sales since releasing its first handful of real estate this past spring.

Ki'ama Bahamas

Dedicated to creating a low environmental footprint and preserving locale eco-systems, Ki’ama’s 36-acre site on the private island will include only 18% of the land developed, making it the lowest environmental impact of any development in the Caribbean. The pools are even made using recycled shipping containers with little to no excavation. Additionally, the homes are free from invasive infrastructure or diesel generators with minimal obstruction to the surrounding land, a unique design that results in abundant owner use while consuming less land with fewer homes. With sleek modern lines, the solar-powered homes at Ki’ama Bahamas maximize the ventilation and light of the island with soaring 12-foot ceilings; meanwhile, its interior lighting meet the standards for being “Dark Sky” compliant, making a seamless experience for stargazing. The homes are also built with timber frames engineered to withstand a Category 4 hurricane. 

With a heart for sustainability, developer EcoIsland Development, along with Silent Resorts and Silent Yachts, have created eco-preservation charitable component as well in which one percent of all residence sales will be donated to Silent Catch, a nonprofit supporting the electrification of local artisanal fishing fleets, preservation of mangrove habitats and the funding of reef restoration.

The club will supply a fleet of 60- to 80-foot luxury solar powered catamarans, eliminating fossil fuel engines and their impact on the environment, high operating costs and maintenance. Ki'ama Bahamas represents the first location of the future Ki'ama brand of resort developments, setting the standard for eco-conscious development around the world. 

To learn more visit Ki’ama Bahamas

Ki'ama Bahamas

An interior rendering of an estate home at Ki'ama Bahamas

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