Disturbing or Expected? Wealthy Teens Stir Up Instagram Controversy

Though millions of Americans are feeling the various effects of the recession, the Rich Kids of Instagram don’t seem to know the meaning of the word. In case you haven’t been introduced to RKOI yet, it’s a Tumblr page that compiles photos from different Instagram accounts of the flashy offspring of the extremely affluent. The images are framed in gilded gold and accompanied by hash tags such as #rkoi, #weath, #nojob #noproblem, #mansion, #bentley and captions like “$4000 bottle of champagne bitch" and “Our everyday is better than your best day.”

Tara Imperatore

Since graduating from Penn State University, Tara has dabbled in several different realms of the publishing world. From food writing to an opinion column to city guide editorials, her work can be seen in newspapers, luxury lifestyle magazines and various websites. As a Senior Editor for JustLuxe, she is busy sharpening her eye for all that is opulent around the world. She is also a freelance write...(Read More)

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