The Unprecedented Emergence of Premium Cycling in the UK

The personal luxury goods market will reach an estimated €280-295 billion by 2020—according to the global consultancy firm, Bain. While the total appears incredible, it is in fact a significant decline in growth on previous predictions. However, one luxury industry determined to rub against the grain is cycling—which reported surges in growth of over 69 percent in 2014, and a further 24.9% growth for ‘premium bikes’ throughout 2015.

John-Lennon Inspired Peace Bicycle, pictured above ]

Let’s look a little closer at Britain as a microcosm for the global economy to de-cypher what it is exactly, that is inspiring the cycling market to grow so formidably.

It should come as no surprise that London isn’t cheap, even for the wealthiest among us. As if property prices aren’t exorbitant enough, owning a car in London will cost drivers above £3,000 a year on average. While pittance for some, spending 182 hours in a car each year effects your health in ways for which there is no monetary fix. Purchasing luxury, or high-end road bikes could therefore pay themselves off in little under a year—and add years onto your life expectancy.

Jeff Nevil

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