What is Zootiez?: How Zootiez Became the Hermes of Cannabis 

 As the legal market matures, cannabis brands are competing to capture the hearts and minds of existing enthusiasts as well as new consumers and investors alike. Separating themselves from the pack is Zootiez, the hottest new ultra-premium cannabis brand specializing in small-batch, high potency, and high terpene exotic crossbreeds.

 With the potential to positively change people’s lives as well as revolutionize numerous industries for the better, the cannabis plant has an incredible opportunity to change the world. As a result, the cannabis industry is garnering attention from some of the world’s most prolific investors, business leaders, and cultural visionaries. In addition to its far-reaching potential, the cannabis industry stands to benefit the economy greatly. As the global cannabis market reached $28 billion in 2021 and economic experts predict the market to reach an impressive $197 billion by 2028, the global power players are finally showcasing their interest in high-level companies. 

 The Zootiez Connoisseurs-men understand the keen interest high-level investors have for companies who are portrayed as Mavericks in the cannabis space, otherwise, known as an individual that doesn’t fall in line with their peers in their respective industry and persistently challenge the status quo.

 At the core of Zootiez is the creation and cultivation of rare crossbreeds that can only be achieved through experience-based cannabis connoisseurship and cultivation. The brand's high-level vision runs parallel with other luxury brands such as Hermes and Richard Millie, which are household names they plan to emulate. The Connoisseurs-men behind it all go through strict quality control when hiring elite cultivators and expert breeders who focus on creating the most unique cannabis flavors the global market has ever seen.

 While the brand is only two years old, the team is made up of legacy growers and breeders who have been in the industry for a combined 30-plus years. The founder of Zootiez is a Humboldt California native who grew up in the business and his intent is very clear: to carry on the strict standards of quality that Northern California has built its name on for the past four decades. 

Since the founding of both Richard Millie and Hermes, they set out to combine the rarest materials on earth, highly qualified Creative Directors and expert-level craftsmanship. These three key components have allowed Hermes and Richard Millie to uphold Ultra Premium Household Names.  Zootiez is working hard to achieve the same level of prestige that these brands represent, and when you look at the raw blueprint of how these companies became successful, the same approach can be taken with the Zootiez Enterprise.

In the same way that an A-level musician feels when he buys a brand new Richard Millie watch, and hops in his Hermes interior Rolls Royce, he feels the same when Puffin on Zootiez.

Cannabis enthusiasts and celebrities can both attest, to Puff on Zootiez is akin to riding through South Beach Miami in the backseat of a Rolls Royce with Hermes interior and a beautiful woman on your side. Zootiez succeeds in curating a vibe that only you can feel in that moment.

 As a Hermes designer sifts through luxurious materials such as Cashmere, Silks, and fine Leather to craft new groundbreaking styles, the Connoisseurs-men of Zootiez are doing the same in a different way. They sift through hundreds of cannabis phenotypes from elite genetic hybrids in hopes of finding a new and unique experience for the end-user as it pertains to overall effect and flavor.

 Zootiez has a heavy focus on designing groundbreaking cannabis flavors that challenge the status quo of how cannabis can be experienced. This takes an artistic approach, combined with an expert flavor palette that falls in line with the Sommeliers of France and Napas wine regions who have years of experience in selecting elite-level grapes for their respective wines. The Quality Control Team at Zootiez must source new and exotic cannabis flavors that they think will complement the Original Zootiez. From there they use scientific breeding methods to cross a new strain into the Original Zootiez in hopes of achieving the perfect smoke: an exotic smell that translates to a never-before-experienced flavor, coupled with beautiful bag appeal. 

 Let’s now shift gears and consider the expert watchmakers at Richard Millie and the craftsman and detailed seamstress’ at Hermes. These key employees can be compared to the experienced cultivators bringing the finest Zootiez flowers to the market. Their years of experience allow them to showcase the most unique products after they have been imagined, designed and selected by the Head Breeder (AKA Creative Director) and Head Connoisseurs-men. As an expert watchmaker at Richard Millie is hand-building the perfect RM-011 with patience, meticulousness, and attention to detail, the cultivators at Zootiez are perfecting each harvest using elite focus, cutting-edge science and experience-based knowledge to grow the Highest Grade Zootiez.

 With no plans on slowing down, The team over at Zootiez are hard at work to bring a new menu of Zootiez genetic offspring by Spring 2023, much like the Creative Directors at both Hermes and Louis Vuitton are hard at work developing their new releases for Spring 2023 lines. 

 Further, the team recently purchased a new cultivation facility in California to better serve the people of the state. Additionally, the Zootiez brand hopes to open two flagship retail stores, one in Southern California and the other in Northern California. Of course, as the brand scales its industry-standard quality control practices, Zootiez hopes to expand the brand out of California and internationally!

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