Travis Brady of Next Gen Agency on the Importance of Narrative Storytelling in Branding

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Throughout history, the mass adoption of disruptive products and services has only been partially dependent on their value. Regardless of how innovative a new invention is, if the public does not understand why it's beneficial and how to apply it to the context of their own lives, then the venture is destined to fail. This is precisely why creative marketing and advertising plans, that authentically resonate with segmented sets of target audiences, are crucial to brand awareness and the long-term success of an entrepreneurial project. This predicament is true for public figures as more and more people are using the opportunities enabled by social media to turn their personalities into a brand itself.

As large social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have spent a decade gaining market share, the ways these brands directly communicate with consumers have changed for the better. Even today, new platforms like Tik Tok are springing up and continuing to disrupt how brands market to and interact with their target audience. Taking these newer methods of marketing in conjunction with traditional advertising (press, television advertising, billboards, et cetera), both established and up-and-coming brands have ample opportunity to create a holistic narrative that distinctly conveys their modus operandi to the world. Leveraging these various mediums to piece together a mosaic of value and purpose, brands that are creatively making their essence intelligible and relatable to the public are growing rapidly and garnering fierce consumer loyalty.

Travis Brady is a popular branding mentor making a name for himself due to his ability to help brands create a cohesive story that genuinely illustrates their journey, mission, and value. As the founder and CEO of Next Gen Agency, Brady has identified a dynamic and repeatable process to help any brand scale its reach. Brady and Next Gen Agency are known throughout the industry for their methodological approach and ability to craft an authentic narrative. This is in stark contrast to many branding coaches that force their clients to haphazardly hop onto all trends, which comes off as insincere more often than not.

Brady understands that in order to resonate with consumers in a meaningful way that drives sales and loyalty – not just likes and comments – brands must construct a story that is both meaningful and informative. Drawing inspiration from a conversation he had with a past president of the National Speakers Association where he stated it takes 8 years to build a true brand, Brady’s formula turns the industry consensus on its head. Brady reverse-engineered this process and brought the timeline down from 8 years to 8 weeks. Brady’s comprehensive 5 step approach starts with leadership discovery and coaching development to ensure that the brand’s values are consistent from the top down. Then, Brady moves to cultivate the crux of the branding plan and how it intersects with the internal team’s culture. The third step is the actual implementation of social media marketing and lead generation. Next, Brady works with his clients during this time to discern the best way to deliver service and identify the brand’s greatest value proposition based on the data from step 3. Finally, once all of the chess pieces are on the board and the team is aligned, Brady helps his clients use their newly constructed strategy to scale the business through sales. With multiple packages available, Next Gen Agency’s 5 pronged approach is fit for any brand or person at any stage of their journey.

Speaking about his motivation and tactics, Brady states, “Our agency is called 'Next Gen' because we believe everyone is unique, different, creative, and has something the world needs. So we challenge the status quo, really getting people out there in a unique and innovative way. It is not about just branding clients, it's about bringing the uniqueness out of that person – making them Next Gen.”

To this point, Brady and Next Gen Agency have worked closely with a handful of high-profile athletes as of late. Specifically, Brady and his team worked with retired NBA player and Utah Jazz Legend Thurl Bailey in addition to the celebrity fitness trainer behind the popular fit2fat2fit Instagram account, Drew Manning.

Beyond Brady’s 5 step strategy for branding, Next Gen Agency is making waves in the industry with its business events. Brady is on a mission to develop the most valuable and unique experiential business events where people can learn, network, and grow. While Brady is still developing this branch of Next Gen Agency, the events his team has put on are already connecting with business leaders due to its experiential nature. These events include a high-level mastermind, strength and world leadership experience, and more.

In addition to these events, Brady and Next Gen Agency have a foundation where they give back to the community. Specifically, they have done great work opening up access to sporting resources.

On the personal side of things, Brady works closely with his wife, Minky Brady who handles the marketing endeavors for Next Gen Agency. Before getting into the world of branding, Brady was a strength and conditioning coach for the University of Utah’s football program. This experience helps Brady relate to his athlete clients on a deeper level.

Please check out Travis Brady’s Instagram account and Next Gen Agency’s website to learn more.

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