How to Care for Yourself and Others in the New Year

With the New Year in full swing, people are starting to make real efforts to take better care of themselves in 2023. Dry January is a popular trend, and it’s being paired with a slew of self care activities that folks are hoping will elevate their well-being and lead to healthier lifestyles. But it’s not just us we need to take care of; we also have to be present and available for our loved ones.

Taking care of yourself comes first, but ultimately, our goal is to live healthy lives so we can show up for the ones who need support, comfort, or care. There are many ways to support our loved ones, but we could all do with a little inspiration from time to time. To get your ideas flowing, check out our guide for how to support yourself and the people in your life.

Show Support for Service Members

For anyone that has a veteran in their life, you’ll know that they tend to hold a great deal of pride for their role in serving their country. Purchasing a USAMM Navy Hat for them to wear or for family members to wear in support of your loved ones service is a wonderful way to show respect and honor to them. It takes a great deal of courage to put one's life on the line for their fellow citizens, and this is a great way to show your respect for that.

Safety For Home Projects

Are you an avid home improvement hobbyist? Do you work in the professional construction sector? Those who take on lots of home improvement projects or work in construction will need ample protection from flying sawdust and projectiles like pieces of wood, metal, or chemicals. Stoggles prescription safety goggles are sleek, understated, and allow those with prescription glasses to avoid bulky eye protection.

Tattoo Care  

Do you or someone you know have tattoos? Tattoos are a popular way of expressing oneself by decorating their bodies with artwork, but because they are essentially controlled scar tissue, they require a lot of care. Mad Rabbit's quality tattoo aftercare is one of the best ways to take care of your skin after a tattoo from certified dermatologists. What’s the use in getting a beautiful piece of art on your body if you’re not going to take care of it?

Workplace Dynamics

Remote work can be convenient for a lot of reasons, but it also creates a set of problems as well. One of those problems is the lack of teamwork and the feeling of work being more impersonal that it would be in person. Anyone in a management position could consider ways to improve team dynamics with Teamly, a company that specializes in workplace dynamics and team building.

Ice Breakers for Remote Workers

Another downside to working remotely is the lack of personal interaction between new employees and existing employees. Icebreakers happen naturally in person, but for remote companies it may take a bit more effort. Virtual ice breakers by Bar None Games makes it easier by presenting engaging and fun games for employees to play together to help break the ice and awkwardness of virtual introductions.

Inspiring Words

Need some words of inspiration? For those that write songs or poetry, sometimes it can be easy to get stuck in the same kinds of phrases, sayings, and subject matter. Using something like the The Word Counter's nifty random word generator is a great way to get some new words in your vocabulary and potentially help you make different connections.

Improved Style

Style is a big part of feeling good and taking care of oneself. For those that need an upgrade in their wardrobe or know someone that does, check out all of the cool shirts for men from Into the AM, a brand that specializes in unique designs for shirts that cover every kind of style.

Get Healthy in the New Year

Caring for yourself in the new year can also mean making a bigger effort to be active and take care of one’s body. The great thing about movement is that you can do it nearly anywhere, but if you need a push in the right direction, fear not. BarBend’s guide to hammer curls has you covered, plus a whole other slew of useful information about how to properly perform different exercises.

Skin Care

Caring for one's skin is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Our skin is what faces the world day in and day out, and we should take the best care we can of it. Vitamins for clear skin by JSHealth are a wonderful product that help improve

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