Aquaman Jason Momoa's Mission To Reduce Plastic


Actor and environmentalist Jason Momoa is finishing 2023 with a bang. Not only did he recently host Saturday Night Live, but he was also a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Since 2016, Momoa has portrayed Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe, including his solo feature Aquaman. His mission is to protect oceans as Aquaman on screen, and eliminate single-use plastics as the founder of Mananalu purified water.

Celebrating the release of 'Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom', he placed his resealable aluminum Mananalu water bottle on Fallon's desk for all to see. Mananalu is helping to reduce plastic and remove plastic from ocean-bound waste.


Mananalu was inspired by Jason Momoa’s native Hawaiian culture. In Hawaiian, “Mana” means “the sacred spirit of life” and “Nalu” means “a powerful wave that pushes across the ocean.” As Jason said on SNL, “This work really means a lot to me,” and this wave of change is making a difference. 


Mananalu's partnership with the non-profit rePurpose Global collaborates with a local social enterprise in India focused on ocean-bound plastic waste collection and recovery.

For every bottle that is purchased, the brand removes one water bottle's worth of plastic from the world's ocean. That is equivalent of 14 million bottles that have been saved from entering the ocean. 

Those who go to Mananalu can donate $25 to help recover this plastic waste that would end up in marine ecosystems. After you make a donation, you will receive a certificate of your plastic offset.

Mananalu Water

There are four different Mananalu Waters available. The 16 oz. Purified Water is crisp tasting with electrolytes added to the refillable and resealable bottle with a twist-off aluminum cap. This type of bottle is recycable and made with 69% recycled content.

The Lilikoi Passion offers a subtle and refreshing Hawaiian Passionfruit essence to purified drinking water with zero bubbles, zero sweeteners and zero calories. The Tahitian Lime is refreshing and naturally flavored with zero sweeteners and calories. There is also a naturally flavored Pink Grapefruit with electrolytes for taste.

Jason Momoa - Mananalu

A limited edition commemorative Aguaman x Mananalu six-pack in 22 oz. bottles is $29.99 on Amazon. Also on the site, Mananalu has their Pure Water 12-pack in BPA free, eco-friendly, and infinitely recyclable 16 oz. resealable aluminum bottles is $17.98. Flavored waters in a 12-pack case is $19.98. 

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