Best Designer Sunglasses of Summer 2010

News & Trends: This summer some great trends have emerged in designer eyewear. A fabulous pair of sunglasses can completely change your look from bland to interesting, adding style and personality to an otherwise plain ensemble. Some would even argue that owning a pair of designer shades is just as important as a handbag, shoes or trench - all key items in a fashionista's arsenal. For those of you who already have an array of eyewear, I don't have to tell you that nobody can have too many accessories. So take a look at these five hot lines for ideas on what to add to your collection. John Galliano said it best when he stated, “Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory and alibi. They are status symbols that exude luxury, as well as mystery."

John Galliano
Speaking of the designer, John Galliano’s new line of eyewear for this summer is one of our favorites. Innovative and inspired by the world around him, this collection is alluring and glamorous. One pair from the line, The Heroine: Les Biches, is pictured to the right. What we really enjoy about these shades is the detail on the sides: very chic and quite original. Plus, they are really comfortable. Galliano was inspired to create these by mystery and feminity, in fact the name comes from the French phrase “oeil de biche,” which literally translates doe-eyed girl.

The new “Tod’s 1” glasses are part of a debut collection from the fashion house. These are lightweight, boasting a combination of metal alloy and plastic that promises high durability. This design is great for both casual and more high profile occasions, making them a great go-to whether you are on the beach or at a polo match; both high-profile celebrities as well as royalty have been spotted in these sophisticated shades. “Tod’s 1” sunglasses are elegant and crafted meticulously in Italy, they are available in a range of colors including the classic black and brown, as well as more flirty colors like yellow, pink and lilac.

Year after year, the house of CHANEL produces iconic eyewear, this one being no exception. This summer’s collection features a variety of looks, some classic and understated, others bold and detailed. We love these pale gold aviators boasting a “sheath of wheat” on the top of the frame. Of course, if you do prefer the more widely seen design elements on the arms of eyewear, they have not neglected to include strong, larger-framed designs with embellishments on each side, along with the signature CHANEL logo. No matter what your taste, you will find a pair of sunglasses to suit your own personal style in the current summer line.

The Row
Mary-Kate and Ashley in collaboration with Linda Farrow Eyewear, have decided to launch a debut collection of sunglasses for their latest line The Row this summer. A hit from the moment it was announced, the line includes just four designs that are a range of styles inspired by vintage looks. Ashley told WWD, “We’re testing the market first and obviously these are four very different silhouettes, so we’re seeing what people are responding to and we’ll open up a couple more silhouettes for fall.” We can't wait to see what they have in store...

Dolce & Gabbana
Madonna has teamed up with Dolce & Gabbana this summer to launch the all-new MDG line, a collection designed by the designer duo and the superstar herself. On working with Madonna, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana said, “Designing an eyewear line with Madonna was a new experience for us. The oversized and wraparound designs are sexy and very feminine, like our clothes. Madonna’s creative contribution and unique point of view were key, even in designing the MDG logo." Madonna is the face of the entire campaign and the shades are every bit as bold, sophisticated and mysterious as she is.

Tory Burch
Tory Burch debuted a new line of sunglasses this summer and we think they are some of the best styles out there. The collection offers a bit of a variety of shapes and sizes, all boasting the great design and classy logo placement this fashion house is known for. “Hollywood comes in play in every aspect of our eyewear collection,” said Burch, she was inspired by classic looks worn by Jackie O and Fay Dunaway. The designer also sourced old pictures of her parents in different eyewear, the “different shapes and how they wore it…” come through strongly in the line, creating a classic and timeless look in every piece.

Courtney Driver

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