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TECHgift guide 2014

Price: $490

LaCie | Christofle Sph?re

A lot more than just a shiny ball, the Sph?re can hold up to one terabyte of data and with a USB 3.0 port can transfer files up to three times faster. Not only is it an attractive external drive, it draws its power from the USB, eliminating the need for a power cord.

Price: $319


Want to put away your phone, but are too afraid you'll miss something important? Meet Tyia, the elegant bracelet that lets you program it to subtly alert you of everything from breaking news to incoming calls or texts, in varying degrees of intensity.

Price: $349

Flir One

You may not know it, but thermal imaging is incredibly handy. The Flir One brings the capability directly to your iPhone so you can locate things like faulty wiring or malfunctioning car parts. You can even use it to see if your toddler is running a fever or see a home intruder.

Price: $50,000

4K Ultra Short Throw Projector

Probably the ultimate tech gift for 2014, the short throw projector takes up minimal space, but delivers big on impact. Capable of displaying a 147-inch picture at four times the clarity of a full HD television, you may as well forget going to the movies.

Price: $649

Oakley Airwave GPS Goggles

Keep track of all sorts of stats while you're cruising the mountainside. With built-in GPS, a barometer, gyro sensors, an accelerometer and Bluetooth, the Airwave goggles display real-time data straight to the corner of the visor for unobtrusive info on the go.

Price: $99


Touted as the "personal sun protection coach," June by Netatmo keeps you informed on how to avoid the damaging affects of the sun. Sending real-time advice straight to your smartphone, the wearable tech recommends SPF and will also remind you to put on your sunglasses.

Price: $299


For the meditation-guru in your life, Gaiam has come up with the perfect modern flair to improve concentration. The Muse is said to actually sense your brain activity, communicating with your smartphone to create a guided audio session "designed to train your brain to manage stress and calm your mind."

Price: $35,000+

Prima Cinema

The Prima Player automatically updates over the internet on the same day films are released IN THEATERS, and sometimes even sooner. PRIMA (which can hold up to 50 films) also has built-in 3D support, which apparently gives "better clarity and deeper colors" than your Blu-ray player.

Price: $999

Wearable HDTV

Giving you a way to experience movies and games (even 3D ones) on a virtual 750-inch screen and hear virtual 7.1 surround sound, the Wearable HDTV from Sony pretty much transforms wherever you are into your own private theater.

Price: $1.6 Million

Titan 32 Foot TV

Measuring 32 by 15 feet, the 4K Zeus (which has four times the amount of pixels than an average 1080P HD TV) can be used indoors or outdoors, which is pretty cool. Take note though that to properly view it, you need to be around 50 feet away.

Price: $699


The MultiDock from Griffin lets you charge everything in one fell swoop. With 10 USB ports, dividers allow you to set your devices up on their sides and is big enough to fit tablets (even when keeping the cases on). There's also an LED light above every port, which will flash green when its corresponding device is fully charged.

Price: $1,299

Eclipse TD-M1 Wireless Speakers

The new Eclipse TD-M1 wireless speakers look like little friendly jet packs that can't wait to start streaming your guilty love for Taylor Swift. The company promises that the speakers will enhance your listening experience with "speed, accuracy, and clear imaging."

Price: $88,310

Motion Pro II

CXC Simulations enlisted the help of former Ferrari Formula One mechanical/electrical engineer Josh Allen for their Motion Pro II, making the virtual experience "nearest to reality than anything else on the market today."

Price: $27,500

Hasselblad H5D-50c

The newly available Hasselblad H5D-50c promises photographers unparalleled photos no matter the lighting conditions, stating that this is the "world's first integrated 50MP medium format camera to use CMOS sensor technology." Wi-Fi enabled.

Price: $349

Harmony Ultimate Home

Designed by Logitech, the Harmony offers a slew of customization options to let you interact with your home, all through your own phone or its touchscreen. You can set the mood to day or night, control up to 15 home entertainment devices and more. Compatible with over 6,000 brands and 27,000 devices.

Price: $2,400

Luxman iPod Dock

A version of the SQ-N100 model, the Luxman SQ-N10 vacuum tube integrated amplifier offers a dedicated input to accommodate an external docking station. Built with a compact body, the SQ-N10 combines technology and functionality producing superb sound quality without reduction in utility.

Price: $3,939

DJI Spreading Wings S1000 Premium

Drones have come a long way since last year, becoming more efficient and more reliable. The S1000 is actually guaranteed to remain stable, even if you lose a rotor. The entire beast is made of carbon fiber making it nice and light, and the arms all fully collapse to make it portable.

Price: $3,886

CubePro Power Pack

Offering everything you need to get started with 3D printing, the Power Pack for CubePro comes with the CubePro Duo Printer, cartridges, the right software and either a hand-held 3D scanner or an attachment for your iPad. Capture whatever you like in 3D and then replicate it. It's that easy.

Price: $499


GoPro's best model, the HERO4 offers built-in Wi-Fi with Bluetooth, it's waterproof (of course) and has the latest and greatest 4K30, 2.7K50 and 1080p120 video. Images are captured at 12MP at up to 30 frames per second. Let's face it. Everybody wants a GoPro these days.

Price: $499

Sony DSC-QX100 Smartphone Attachable Lens

Sony basically packed all the usual inner workings of a full-fledged camera within this little attachable lens, allowing you to use it the way you would with the real deal. You can shoot videos, snap photos, zoom, program settings, and play with auto-focus, all while syncing the DSC-QX100 to iOS and Android via Wi-Fi.