Channel Your Inner Explorer by Crossing the Arctic Circle to Greenland

There’s a saying among international jetsetters, “When you have seen the world, then there is always Greenland.” True enough; not everyone can casually mention that they’ve seen narwhals and walruses in the wild. For bragging rights like this, Greenland is a must-do. So you might as well visit on a private charter with 12 fellow adventurers and an Arctic-specialist guide.

Australia travel company Micro-Cruising has just eight open berths left for its exclusive 19-day voyage on the specialist expedition vessel M/S Kisaq. After arriving in the high Arctic town of Qaanaaq (AKA Thule) on July 28, you’ll have a few days to explore the area before your cruise departure on August 2. The final docking destination will be on August 20 in Nuuk, Greenland’s capital city.

Vicki Arkoff

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