5 Luxury Nudist, Swingers & Exhibitionist Cruises to Explore Your Sexy Side

Nudist travel is on the rise. While Europeans have always been more comfortable with their au naturel bodies, Americans have been much slower at adopting adult vacations as an acceptable form of travel. But have no fear, we’re finally catching up to our international neighbors. While this isn’t a new concept, it’s a growing niche that is “reaping about $400 million in yearly profits,” according to USA Today. We even have a catchy new phrase for it: nacations (naked vacations).

“One reason for the rise in luxury nudist travel is that customers are ageing. Nudists tend to be older, richer and whiter (OK, pinker) than the national average, and they travel mostly in romantic pairs,” Bob Morton of the Naturist Action Committee tells the Economist. “Many are not full-time naturists but think a clothing-optional holiday sounds fun: some 18 percent of American leisure travelers say they are game for it, according to a 2014 survey by MMGY Global, a marketing firm.”

Nicolle Monico

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