5 Fancy Felines Living It Up At Leading Hotels of the World

leading hotels of the world

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Let's face it, the Internet loves cats. Whether you consider yourself an animal lover or not, we are going to guess that you have laughed at a funny kitty video or secretly smiled when you saw a cute one. Some people aren't afraid to admit their love: Jason Mraz consistently posts pictures of his furry friends on his Instagram, Katy Perry nightly snuggles with her kitty and James Franco regularly chats with his buds Zelda and Sammy. And we bet you had no idea that at Leading Hotels of the World properties, a number of their hotels even consist of resident "kittehs" enjoying four- and five-star accommodations. Yep that's right, as it turns out cats really do have it figured out when it comes to living “the life”: 

 leading hotels of the world
Photo Courtesy of Le Negresco

Carmen, Le Negresco

The story of Carmen is a sweet tale and involves the quick actions of a truck driver in southern France. Stopped at a local village, Mr. Defay noticed young people shooting a rifle towards a deserted field. Looking further, he saw a cat and her two kittens had been shot and ran to take care of them. One was still aliveand Mr. Defay took her back home. After some time, while they loved the puss, his wife and him realized they couldn’t continue to take care of her. At the same time, Madame Augier — owner of Le Negresco — was looking for a new feline as hers had recently passed. Madame Augier took Carmen in and now she happily roams the hotel to the enjoyment of guests. She’s even been known to receive postcards and letters from them.

 leading hotels of the world
Photo Courtesy of Le Bristol Paris

Fa-raon, Le Bristol Paris

At the chic Le Bristol Paris, a white Sacré kitten from Burma named Fa-raon, wanders through the lobby, paws through the grass in the French style gardens and sits atop fences to observe the comings and goings of hotel guests. His strikingly blue eyes and calm demeanor are almost symbolic of this elegant property and its refined style. No doubt Fa-raon is living the good life.

 leading hotels of the world
Photo Courtesy of Hotel de Russie

Mona & Lisa, Hotel de Russie

Did you know that The Colosseum in Rome is famous for its many cats roaming its remarkable ruins? So it makes sense that its neighboring Hotel de Russie has a love for the animals that have long been a part of Italy’s history. Two felines, Mona and Lisa (obviously), have taken up residence in this five-star hotel after being rescued from a shelter in 2012. Soaking up the sun in the secret garden, the cats are truly living a lavish lifestyle. Of course, the pair has also come to appreciate the finer foods in life. Their favorite dish is fresh grilled salmon which is prepared by the chef.

 leading hotels of the world
Photo Courtesy of Napasai by Orient-Express

Margarita, Napasai by Orient-Express

Margarita’s story proves that persistence and determination really do pay off in the end. When the short-haired cat first made its way onto Napasai by Orient-Express’ ground in Koh Samui, Thailand she was not warmly received. Believing that having the stray puss around wouldn’t fit in well with the five-star property, they gave her a new home with local monks who would take care of her at their temple. While Miss Margarita was well treated, she one day chose to make her way back to the luxurious resort located 24 miles away. Because of her great fortitude, Napasai welcomed her in and now she plays with guests, naps under the cashew trees and has grown happily plump.

 leading hotels of the world
Photo Courtesy of The Oyster Box

Skabenga, The Oyster Box

This month was Skabenga’s (which means vagabond in Zulu) birthday. A resident of The Oyster Box, the stray cat has made the South African hotel its home for over ten years. During the property’s renovations, Skabenga enjoyed a short stay with a local cat-lover who cared for him until its completion in 2009. A little hesitant about the new look, he stuck to the back-office initially and became skittish and nervous. Yet, after some coaxing and a blinged-out collar, he finally emerged as his friendly self once again. Whether he’s curled up on his favorite couch or strolling the grounds, he always finds time to make every red carpet event, including being present for the welcoming of Team Cameroon during the Soccer World Cup and the royal cocktail party for Prince Rainier & Princess Charlene of Monaco.

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