Cartagena's Colonial-Era Boutique Hotel Might Be Perfect for the Luxury Shwashbuckler

Built in the 17th century Spanish stronghold of Cartagena in Colombia, Casa San Agustin has embraced its Caribbean history and charm while offering guests all the modern amenities that travelers have grown to expect from luxury hotels. Situated in the walled-in Old Town of Cartagena—the wall itself being a UNESCO Heritage site—and having originally been a private residence, there is an air of welcoming warmth that seems to surround nearly every aspect of Casa San Agustin.

Donald Herrera Fairbairn

Donald lives in San Diego County with his wife and three children. He has written for a number of organizations in addition to JustLuxe, including Remy Martin, Yahoo!, Oh!Facts and more. Donald spent five years in the U.S. Navy where he discovered his knack for writing through creating instructional materials and standard operating procedures. Since his honorable discharge in 2009, he has embraced...(Read More)

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