Live the High Life On a Private bmi Jet Customized Just For You

Traveling first class is so last season — charter your own private jet instead. It’s the perfect way to mark a special occasion: the never-to-be-forgotten proposal; the benchmark birthday; the stag night with the lads; or the ultimate treat. Spotting a growing trend in the European market, bmi regional now offers private charter services for its 50-seater Embraer aircraft – decorated with personal livery, if you require customization for your trip.

And you don’t need to wait until you reach your destination to get the party started. Guests can order bespoke in-flight services — from champagne and cupcakes to hot meals with a full bar service. “Hiring a private jet for the day says a lot: It’s the ultimate way to impress a loved one," said Steve Hoy, Chief Commercial Officer at bmi regional. “In addition, it may well save time and money when the logistics and costs of transporting a group of friends and family from the UK to Europe — timetables, airfares, transfers, accommodation, meals — are taken into account. The guest sets their own timetable, their own departure airport and destination, and is in complete control of all costs.”

If the private flight is for someone special, why not ask for personalized livery with the guest’s name or favorite colors? “In addition to making a special occasion something truly memorable, hiring a private jet for a day enables guests with other commitments — that may prevent them from traveling to Europe for a long weekend — to join the fun and share a special day.”

Prices start from £15,000 (around $24,265) per day. Based on 50 passengers traveling from a UK airport to a short haul destination, such as Frankfurt, Gothenburg, Lyon or Toulouse, the cost is £300 ($485) per person — which includes full in-flight service.

Carol Driver

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