Costa Rica Vacations: Adventure Travel by Land and Sea

Get ready for a journey from the highlands of Costa Rica to its stunning coast that includes interacting with the indigenous and deeply private Cabecar tribe, extreme white water rafting and traversing the Ossa Peninsula by foot and kayak.

As an authority in luxury travel, Black Tomato has been creating bespoke travel experiences worldwide for more than six years. Their extravagant and extraordinary adventure travel itineraries are meant to leave a lasting impression, and this one is no exception.


What you can expect:

  • The opportunity to meet and spend time living with and learning from the deeply private Cabecar Indians which few people are able to do.
  • The experience of rafting some of the most extreme waters in the world over a three day intense river expedition.
  • The euphoria on completing your lowland trek and sea kayaking expedition along the Ossa Peninsula knowing that you have completed an incredible remote highland interior to sea expedition through challenging environments whilst also learning from and being inspired by a deeply spiritual people.
  • The stunning contrasts and scenery that Costa Rica has to offer whilst combining a fantastic selection of water based activities from canyoning and rafting in the rainforest to sea kayaking and trekking along the remote Pacific coastline.

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Live Like the Cabecar Indians


First things first:

  • The trip begins in San Jose from where you will set out on the morning of the second day to Turrialba area for a first day of canyoning and running the Rio Pejibaye in kayaks.
  • The next day will see you travel to the stunning Pacuare rainforest to begin a day's work of journeying through the verdant, mountainous region.
  • The day will begin on mountain bikes with your guides taking you through extreme terrain.
  • You will then start off by foot for a half-day walk to the remote Pacauare Valley where few tourists ever get to go.
  • In the Pacuare Valley you will meet and spend time with the Cabecar Indians who will show you how to live off the land and introduce you to a way of life that is very spiritual and which few people have ever had access to.
  • You will spend time learning how to hunt and then head into the depths of the rainforest with tribal members to find food for the community.


Extreme Watersporting


What's next?

  • After two days with the Cabecar you begin your epic river expedition through the Upper Pacuare valley on class 3-4 rapids.
  • Over the next two days you will raft the extreme sections of the Lower Pacaure.
  • Moving from the lower reaches of the Pacuare Valley you will continue to the lower level, the Ossa Peninsula.
  • On the seventh day you will sea kayak along a stunning stretch of coastline that will test your physical fitness in the waters and also allow you to see some of the incredible marine life in the area.


Explore the Rainforest and Swim with Sharks


How will it end?

  • The following day sees the start of the two day Corcovado trek deep into lowland rainforest.
  • You will have the opportunity to see a variety of wildlife from monkeys and jaguar to eagles and American crocodiles.
  • The end of the Corcovado trek will bring you to the mouth of the Rio Sirena where you can see an abundance of caiman and sharks.
  • You will then take a boat to San Pedrillo and trek to Bahia Paraiso and Drake Bay where you will be for the next two days.
  • The Eco lodge where you will stay is a great location to end your adventure; relaxing in luxury tents with beds and electricity.
  • Bahia is situated in an area only accessible by foot or boat; you can swim in its protected bay along the beach, sea kayak, snorkel or just relax.
  • Take an unusual boat transfer out via the coastal mangroves to Sierpe, situated on the Rio Sierpe and catch your aircraft back to San Jose.

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