Sneak Away to Your Favorite Destination and Give Back to Charities While You're At It

Getaway 2 Give (G2G) is a distinct luxury travel group that promotes community outreach in wonderful locations for those who want to get more out of their trips than simply seeing new places. Touted as "A luxury destination club that will save you money and change your life," this program offers a unique way to travel the world. Trips are also coupled with "giving activities" and 'Voluntourism' to  aid communities in need and improve people's standard of living, while being fully immersed in a foreign culture.


While planning a vacation to one of their luxury residences, G2G members work personally with a Destination Manager who will help set up an individualized itinerary. This schedule can offer numerous chances for charitable activities, but travelers can actually decide precisely how much of their time they would like to donate.


Trips include foreign and domestic locations like Anguilla, Chicago, Africa, Belize, Telluride, Costa Rica and many, many more. Along with the aforementioned residences, members will also get to experience yachts, boutique resorts, cruises and tours. The variety is a nice addition to those who like to get a taste of everything a vacation has to offer.


To ensure there is always an activity to participate in, G2G has partnered with dozens of charitable organizations, including but not limited to the Red Cross, Autism Speaks, numerous children's hospitals, Team Gleason, Pencils of Promise, Unicef and Scale Africa.


To become a G2G member, an initiation fee of $7,500 is required as well as a $7,500 donation to the foundation that will go to the donator's preferred cause. Considering the plethora of locations and activities included, as well as onsite concierges and access to Experience Managers, this really seems like a great deal and a wonderful opportunity to give back.

Donald Herrera Fairbairn

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