Caballadas in Argentina Promises a Truly Authentic Horseback-Riding Experience

Whoever said, "Getting there is half the fun,” clearly hasn’t made the trek out to Caballadas, a private estancia located in Northern Patagonia. Over two hours from the airport of San Martin de Los Andes via a mostly dusty unpaved road or five hours from Bariloche Airport, it is only those who know the secret of what is at the end of the journey who make their way there.

Michelle Winner

Michelle M. Winner is inveterate traveler whose goal is to land on all of the continents- in style. Enjoying her job as ' professional sybarite' she dutifully reports on the best hotels, wines, spas and chefs in her travels. She is past President of the prestigious worldwide IFWTWA and flys between her homes on the beach in Hawaii and the mountains of Oregon Michelle also write...(Read More)

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