Your First South African Safari: Where to Stay, What to Pack & What to Expect

With more and more couples, families and singles traveling to South Africa to experience the adventure and magic of a true safari, many wonder where to stay, what to pack and what to expect. For most people, the closest they have ever come to a three-ton elephant has been at their local zoo, but the African safari peels away fences, gates, and barbed wire, and allows travelers to witness these magnificent creatures (among many others) in the wild in a safe, oftentimes luxurious atmosphere.

Dorothy Cascerceri

Dorothy Cascerceri is an On-air Entertainment News & Celebrity Lifestyle Expert, Freelance Writer, Motivational Speaker, and Media Coach. She's the Host & Executive Producer of TV talk show “Celebrity Corner,” which in two seasons has aired in 8 million homes in NY, NJ, PA and DE. Throughout her award-winning career, she has been hired by hundreds of consumer brands to bring their product...(Read More)

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