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The Top 10 Most Photogenic Destinations in India

Apr. 7th, 2017

No amount of traveling is complete without clicking into history everything we set our eyes on. The photographs we take while globe-trotting are like little windows back into the soul of a trip, where often we discover new things not only about the world, but about ourselves too. Here are the top 10 destinations to put on your photography bucket list, should you take a grand tour of the magical land of India

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This Indian holy city offers a wealth of tradition thanks to its deep-seeded religious roots. In fact, it has been said that dying here will grant you eternal life. The spiritual culture of the country can be captured through the many rituals, festivals and orthodox customs of the locale. The vibrant aura of the place impresses upon every visitor and can mesmerize the photographer into taking some mind-blowingly beautiful and mystical pictures.

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The world famous Taj Mahal, in all its majestic brilliance, is an irresistible magnet for photographers from all over the world. The beauty of the structure, with sunlight shimmering over it, is a stunning masterpiece that just has to be captured. The boats on the Yamuna and the surrounding gardens are also good spots to take photographs. The local life, the marketplace and the gardens are places which offer a new perspective of the city.

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Ladakh, which is located in the states of Jammu and Kashmir, is a haven of striking beauty. White, snow-capped mountains towering above are magnificent and hold any visitor in awe. The innumerable species of birds that flock there like the red fox, lynx and blue sheep are perfect for wildlife photography, if that's your thing. The culture of the place can be captured around the Tibetan monasteries and festivals of the local tribes.

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This is the place to be visited to capture the eerie calmness of the vast Thar Desert. The stunning ruins of ancient civilizations found at Kalibanga, the grandiose palace in the Pink City and the artifacts in the museums are a treat to the eye. Wildlife photography has a wide horizon in the Desert National Park, the Sariska Tiger Reserve and the Tal Chapar Sanctuary where innumerable kinds of flora and fauna can be enjoyed in addition to the dunes and forts surrounding the region.

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Hampi, located in northern Karnataka, is an architectural marvel thronged by history enthusiasts from all over the world. The world famous Virupaksha temple, with its opulent structure, is widely used for architectural photography and is one of the must-visit destinations of India. The Narasimha Vigraha, Nandi Statue and Ganigatti Jain temple are just some of the multitude of sensational spectacles to be savored in the calm and peaceful ambience of the religious city.

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Nicknamed the ‘Venice of the East’, Alleppey, located in the state of Kerala, is a phenomenon to be experienced by every photographer. The backwater in the region is where picturesque houseboats navigate through. Saint Andrew's Basilica, CSI Christ Church and the Ambalapuzha Krishna temple are some places to capture the religious diversity within the locality. The annual boat race conducted here is a definite affair that should not be missed. 

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The serene beauty of this heaven on earth is due to some breathtaking terrains. The trekking routes through Leh, the burgeoning meadows of Kupwara and the stunning views of Pulwama are exquisite sites for photography. The village of Hemis can be explored for its wildlife which includes the mesmerizing snow leopard.

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This tiny state has a magnetic appeal for explorers. The charming stillness of the Tsomgo Lake, the splendid view from the Kanchenjunga peak and the numerous waterfalls around the region are ideal for any kind of experimental photography. The culture of the place is seen in the monasteries located around the region, with the oldest being the Rumtek Monastery, and the Do Drul Chorten being one of the largest stupas.

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Situated at the southernmost tip of the country, this place cannot be missed out by any photography enthusiast. The stunning view of the sunset over the calm Kanyakumari Sea (which surrounds the opulent Thiruvalluvar statue) is a magnificent sight to behold. Other spectacles include the Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Padmanabhapuram palace, Suchindram temple and the Thirparappu Falls.

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The capital of the ‘Switzerland of India,’ offers a kaleidoscopic experience to the tourists visiting it. The heritage of the city can be encountered through the Manipur State Museum and the Sekta Archaeological Living Museum. The surreal beauty of the Loktak Lake and the dense forests surrounding it is a quaintness in itself. It also has its own wildlife diversity, which is seen in the Sirohi National Park, Matai Garden, and the Manipur Zoological garden.

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