Levi's Unveils 'Made Here' Concept at Newbury Street Boutique

Storied American denim brand Levi's just unveiled its cool new 'Made Here' collection at the opening of its latest premium concept boutique on Boston's famed Newbury Street.

Specializing in offering the highest levels of customer service and attention, the Newbury street location carries a finely-edited assortment of high-end and limited-edition Levi's product, including exact historic replicas from the Levi's Vintage Clothing collection designed off of patterns housed in the company's archives.

The boutique also carries the latest items from Levi's collaborations with Opening Ceremony and others, as well as high-end, 'Made in the USA' product from Levi's eco-friendly Water-Less collection. A first for the brand, 'Made Here' features a fine assortment of handmade goods, crafts and apparel complementing Levi's core range developed in the USA by emerging artists.

'Made Here' includes both Levi's and non-Levi's products referencing the skills and techniques inherent to the process of constructing a pair of Levi's jeans and the pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit of Levi Strauss himself. An ongoing product assortment, 'Made Here' debuted a wave of items arriving in the Newbury store to be followed by the premium concept boutiques in Malibu and New York City's Meatpacking District. It will include styles developed by the following craftsmen:

Belts by Austin Jeffers: Based in Essex, Connecticut, Austin Jeffers uses the finest leathers from all over the globe, pairing them with unique, hand-caste, artisan-made hook-style belt buckles. The result is fine leather belts that are built to last and put the emphasis on form and functional design.

Marlin Spike: Tim Whitten, a self-taught master of traditional maritime rope-work, uses vintage Irish linen cord and classic mariner's hitching techniques to construct functional, nautical-themed necklace designs.

Farm Tactics Bags: Founded by a 24-year Angeleno, Farm Tactics salvages dead stock military and hiking equipment and reworks them into modern bags and apparel. Taking recycling to a whole new level, Farm Tactics breathes new life into goods already heavy with heritage.

Upstate: Based in Brooklyn, New York, Kalen and Astrid from Upstate make some of the most covetable scarves around with their unique take on Shibori, an ancient Japanese technique of dyeing cloth. It makes for an endless array of patterns and textures, allowing each hand-dyed garment to be a true, one-of-a-kind original.

Schott Apparel: In 1913, brothers Irving and Jack Schott began making leather coats in a basement on the lower east side of Manhattan and introduced the world's first motorcycle jacket in 1928. Dubbed the Perfecto after Irving's favorite Cuban cigar, it's been worn by everyone from James Dean to pioneering punk band, the Ramones.

'Hand Made' Goods from the Levi's Tailor Shop NYC: Sewing and crafting everything in-house and by hand in Levi's Meatpacking District location, this assortment offers unique, limited-edition bag aprons and special production items made by Levi's very own on-site tailors - simple, timeless, classic American craftsmanship at its best.

Jared Paul Stern

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