Unique Wood Design Creates Minimalistic Bathtubs Using Yacht Craftsmanship

Nov 22, 2013  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich  |  2 Comments

You'll be hard-pressed to find a building material more beautiful than wood. With all of the different varieties, colors and textures, a piece of wood furniture can instantly transform a living space into something comfortable and chic. No matter how technologically advanced mankind may become, some things will probably always remain "old school," and that includes wood working.

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Vessel Reinvents the Bathtub With Unique Hammock Design

Jun 28, 2013  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

If you've ever lounged in a hammock and wished it doubled as a bathtub, Vessel by Splinter Works should probably be your next bathroom addition. While the shallow tub doesn't look like something meant for full body submersion, the attractive hammock design certainly makes for a great centerpiece. Splinter designed it to give the bather the "ultimate vehicle for escapism" and if you have a nice outdoor area to install it — maybe overlooking a canyon — I can see what they mean.... Read More

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