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Experiencing Belfast's Gothic Grandeur at the Culloden Estate and Spa

BY : Glenn Harris | 2018

Europe is known for its historic castles of imposing crenelated stone structures on sprawling estates.  All possess a rich history of colorful characters and wealthy noblemen who lived while making their mark on history. In Northern Ireland...


Learn to Cook Up Authentic Japanese Cuisine in the Heart of Tokyo

BY : Marissa Stempien | 2018

For most travelers, cuisine plays a large part in planning not only your itinerary, but where it is you plan to visit. Japan is a popular destination for its historical sites and rich cultural heritage, but also as a culinary destination in its own...


Canada's Exceptional Setting for Food, Wine and Wandering is BC's Okanagan

BY : Cynthia Dial | 2018

Prior to landing when circling above the Okanagan Valley, the birds-eye view is simply a peek of this portion of the province famous for its abundant agriculture, plentiful vineyards and acres of golf—all complemented by lakes, beaches,...


The Scott, A Boutique Resort in Old Town Scottsdale

BY : Jarone Ashkenazi | 2018

Pairing comfort with convenience, The Scott is a vibrant Mission-style hotel set amidst the heart and soul of Old Town Scottsdale. Formerly known as Firesky Resort & Spa, Phoenix-based Classic Hotels & Resort acquired the property in 2016...


12 Apostles Hotel & Spa- A Little Piece of Paradise South African Style

BY : Janice Nieder | 2018

Although Burger King may have coined the “Have it your way” slogan some 40 years ago, the 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa (fondly referred to as the 12A) really personifies the phrase. By offering a myriad of choices at every turn your stay...


The Art of Hospitality in Panama

BY : Tim Cotroneo | 2018

The Bristol Hotel in Panama City – Painting a Picture in Luxury Before making a reservation at The Bristol Panama, each new guest arrives with a picture painted in his or her mind depicting a luxury hotel stay. For some, the priority is a...


Revisiting the Golden Era of Train Travel Aboard Rovos Rail

BY : Janice Nieder | 2018

Before embarking on my Rovos Rail trip I would have said that I’m really not much of a train person since the bulk of my “train” experience consisted of being packed like well-past-their-due-date-sardines on NYC’s subway...


Combat Jetlag in Style at The Saxon Hotel, Village & Spa-Johannesburg, South Africa

BY : Janice Nieder | 2018

On a recent trip to South Africa, I was thrilled to find out that South African Air offers a non-stop flight from JFK to Johannesburg that gets you there in less than 15 hours! I had booked a couple days in Jozi, mainly to combat jet lag before...

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