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Lima's Stunning Country Club Hotel Still Reigns With Recent Renovation

BY : Katherine Bond | 2017

Every major city has an iconic hotel, a historic meeting place for every dignitary and important person of decades past and present. I've written about two just this year: the Strand Hotel Yangon, built in 1901 in Yangon, Myanmar, and the...


Malbec and More: Exploring Argentina's Fabled Wine Making Heritage

BY : Steve Mirsky | 2017

Argentina's rich wine making heritage dates back to the early 16th century, putting it in an entirely different league than neighboring new-world producers Chile and Brazil. Spanish settlers planted the first specimens of Vitis vinifera in...

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Find Sanctuary in the Sacred Valley at Explora's Luxury Peruvian Retreat

BY : Katherine Bond | 2017

Peru is one of those wow-worthy countries. From bright blue and yellow macaws soaring over Amazon treetops to Machu Picchu’s lush, majestic views, Peru is a paradise for adventure and awe seekers. There’s likely no better hotel group...


Exotic River Cruise Itineraries with Jean-Michel Cousteau Launch This Year

BY : Meredith Pruden | 2017

Across Europe, the popularity of river cruising has steadily increased through the last half decade with surges of travelers embarking on itineraries along the Rhine, The Seine, the Danube and more. Many of the largest river cruising purveyors also...


Chilean Wines: Long on Unique and Flavorful Notes

BY : Steve Mirsky | 2016

The concept of grapes and winemaking was little known in Chile before Spanish conquistadors invaded during the 1500s, planting Pais vines which are now considered the country’s national grape. At the time, Pais, also known as “mission...

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A Passion For Wine, Redefined

BY : Beth Graham | 2016

As a grad student at Stanford in 1989, Argentinean Santiago Achaval discovered a passion that many college scholars are just experiencing: the love of wine. And not just any brand, fine wines. Weekend road trips to Napa and Sonoma bested his...

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Brazil’s Former Soccer Star Talks Sports With Ralph Lauren

BY : Kat Ward | 2016

"Normally sport is a movement to put people together," said Pelé, who is arguably Brazil's most famous former soccer star. Over the course of an illustrious career that many professional players could only dream...


Unwind Post Olympics At This New Wellness Resort Near Rio

BY : Lena Katz | 2016

Located a couple of hours from Rio de Janeiro, in the picturesque town of Penedo, at the foot of the Mantiqueira Mountains, Rituaali is a blissful new getaway for those looking to unwind after the Olympics. Set amidst lush green hills, the...


Former Olympic Parks Actually Worth Visiting

BY : Nicolle Monico | 2016

The 2016 Summer Olympics are officially underway (Go Team USA!). Although taking place in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, excitement for this year’s games have taken a back seat to all of the trouble surrounding Rio de Janeiro....


The Most Comfortable Way to Explore the Peruvian Amazon

BY : Travis Levius | 2016

By the time I’d stroked the thick, fuzzy abdomen of a wild tarantula from a local tracker’s hands in the jungle, I knew many travel “firsts” would be achieved in the coming three days. It’s not the norm to have...


Discovering Ecuador’s Less-Traveled Backcountry

BY : Sarah Staples | 2016

I was at the cruising altitude of a Cessna, inching down the steepest canyon of my life. Waist-tall thorny brush, wildflowers and gnarled polylepis shrubs surrounded me in a rare, high-altitude wetland ecosystem called a paramo, which only exists in...


Hilton Sao Paulo Morumbi Spent $2 Million on a New Lobby Café

BY : Vicki Arkoff | 2016

Brazil takes its coffee seriously. As the world’s number one coffee exporter, producing more than 43 million 60 kilograms bags of beans a year, Brazilians fervently believe that you can’t make the perfect cup of Joe without a perfect...

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