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Adolphus Hotel of Dallas Still Not To Be Renovated

Posted: Jan. 2nd, 2013  |  By Michael Pearse
Hotel Adalphus
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The century old Adolphus Hotel of Dallas has been through quite a lot in its long standing and its current owners would like to state that they are in no rush to renovate the hotel in any way. Perhaps they value the antique features or perhaps they are saving a buck while the hotel still performs to their standards.

Dallas’ landmark Adolphus Hotel has made it through two world wars, the Great Depression and countless Texas-OU football weekends.

And through it all, the 100-year-old downtown icon has survived as one of the city’s top hotel destinations.

The new owners of the historic property say they aren’t going to be in a rush to come up with a renovation plan for the Adolphus.

“The hotel currently performs well,” said John Rosen, managing director of RockBridge Capital LLC. “We have the luxury of taking our time to make sure any capital dollars we spend is on what’s best for the asset and what’s best for the market.”

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