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Venezuela President Unlikely to Make Inauguration

Posted: Feb. 4th, 2013  |  By Michael Pearse
Hugo Chavez mural

A “severe respiratory infection” has caused significant concern in Venezuela and made President Hugo Chavez's appearance at his own inauguration an unlikely event. Currently in a Cuban hospital recovering from infection, little to nothing is known about his status or the nature of the infection. The illness foreshadows a time of political turmoil as both sides of the spectrum accuse the other of exploiting the situation. Further aggravating the situation is that Chavez didn't even go to a hospital in Caracas.

A shroud of political doubt enveloped Venezuela today as rumours grew that President Hugo Chavez may be close to death in a Cuban hospital or, at the very least, will not be well enough to make his own inauguration to a new term of office in just five days’ time.

While top lieutenants of his socialist, anti-US government still have not provided full details of the President’s condition they are not hiding its seriousness, revealing in public statements that he is suffering a “severe respiratory infection”.

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