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Caracas Travel Guide

Chavez Garners Religious Support from the Masses

Posted: Mar. 6th, 2013  |  By Michael Pearse

Whether or not someone agrees with Chavez or his style of government, one can't help but admit he has a way of drawing public support for his continued ailment in Caracas and around the country. A religious outcry, complete with priests, drummers, and chanters is only one of many religious ceremonies – from many, often wildly different religions – that are either a grassroots support movement for their president, or perhaps a more nefarious way of captivating the vote.

A priest sang the name of deities, drummers provided the beat and 150 people dressed in white danced in a room that became hotter with every incantation -- all for the health of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Another day, another prayer for Chavez, whose cancer relapse has pained his fervent followers, many of whom have attended ceremonies in Catholic churches, the Caracas mosque and now even a Yoruba ritual of African origin held in a sweltering concrete space.

"This man sacrificed his life and health for the Venezuelan people. Now we the people, from any faith, have the duty to pray for him to return to health," Gonzalo Baez, president of the Yoruba Society of Venezuela, told AFP.


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