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July 2020

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Maserati Shows Off Its First-Ever Hybrid

Jul 30, 2020  |   Contributor: Martin Banks

When you hear the name Maserati, you probably start picturing sleek, sexy sports cars with incredible power — and you wouldn't be far from reality. Maserati is a brand known for creating some of the most powerful and expensive supercars... Read More

5 Awesome Top-Down Road Trips to Enjoy the Open Road

Jul 28, 2020  |   Contributor: JustLuxe

Like it or not, the new norm has fundamentally changed the way we travel. Waiting in lines at crowded airports and feeling crammed into a commercial airliner was a horrifying experience before global quarantines forced people to stay home; now it’s unthinkable.... Read More

The Mercedes 2021 GT Black Series Features 720 Horsepower

Jul 20, 2020  |   Contributor: Martin Banks

We've never been disappointed by an AMG model that's rolled off a Mercedes assembly line. That said, the new 2021 GT Black Series might just blow all the previous incarnations out of the water. Here's what sets the new Black Series apart and why you should start saving your pennies to add one to your collection.... Read More

Lotus Releases Unique ‘Plug and Play' Gadget for Their Drivers

Jul 17, 2020  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

If you’ve been paying attention to Lotus Cars over the years, you’d know that one of their mottos has always been “For the Drivers.” That idea seems to influence every decision they make and their newest toy is certainly no exception. The luxury brand recently announced their all-new ‘plug and play’ Digital Instrument Pack, which comes pre-loaded with details of more than 4,000 race tracks from all over the world. While I haven’t been able to test it out, it certainly sounds like it will take you one step closer to being a pro on track days, no matter your level of driving know-how. ... Read More

Bentley Gives its Continental GT Family a Makeover

Jul 5, 2020  |   Contributor: Mila Pantovich

This summer, Bentley is giving its Continental GT family a brand new look with the help of “a greater choice of exterior paint colours [named Viridian, Patina, and Snow Quartz], a new style steering wheel and the ability to specify a panoramic glass roof on the V8-engined GT coupe in addition to the W12.”... Read More

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