5 Makeup Tips for a Younger, Wrinkle Free Face

While wrinkles are a natural aspect to aging, there are a variety of ways to minimize their appearance as well as prevent new wrinkles from forming. While using an all-natural anti-wrinkle cream and incorporating weekly exfoliation into your skin care regime can significantly improve the overall appearance of wrinkles, you can also easily cover up wrinkles around the eyes and mouth by using a few simple makeup techniques as well as using makeup that is specifically formulated with anti-aging ingredients. Listed below are 5 easy makeup tips for a younger looking, wrinkle-free face.

Moisturize Prior to Applying Makeup

It is always a good idea to apply an all-natural moisturizer that contains ingredients such as Vitamin E, shea butter and hyaluronic acid prior to applying your liquid makeup foundation. Vitamin E and shea butter work to deeply moisturize the skin, and hyaluronic acid helps the skin to retain the moisture, allowing for a plumped up look. The added plumpness will greatly minimize the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, and the all-natural ingredients of the moisturizer will work continuously to regenerate cells and boost collagen production. Once you have applied your all-natural moisturizer, apply your liquid foundation. In addition to plumping the skin, the moisturizer creates a base, allowing for a smooth and even appearance.

Choose Makeups With Natural Ingredients

Mineral makeup and makeup that contains hyaluronic acid are your best bet when it comes to concealing wrinkles with makeup. This is due to the fact that foundation makeup liquid contains what are referred to as hyaluronic acid spheres, and they truly work wonders on the skin. When combined with liquid makeup, they work to plump up and fill in lines, leaving your face flawless and wrinkle free. Mineral powder makeups work well to deflect and reflect light, which in turn allows for a glowing and flawless appearance.

Use Makeup Sparingly Around the Eyes

Natural creases under the eyes can appear at any age, and while they are perfectly natural, they tend to be enhanced with liquid makeup and powders as opposed to minimized. This is due to the fact that these natural creases are constantly in motion, and when makeup becomes lodged between the creases, it can add years to your appearance. Additionally, avoid using liquid makeup on crow's feet or fine lines around the eyes as well. Liquid makeup tends to sit inside these lines, making them more pronounced.

Use Peach or Yellow Under Eye Concealer

While it is recommended to use makeup sparingly around the eyes, you should definitely use a touch of concealer in order to minimize the appearance of dark circles and bags. Many individuals make the mistake of using a concealer that is the same color as their liquid makeup, which in turn can actually darken the circles and enhance the bags. Use a concealer with yellow or peach undertones, as these colors work to deflect light off of the dark hue that accompanies under eye circles, allowing for a bright and youthful look.

Use a Natural Lip Primer

The mouth is another area of the face that is prone to wrinkles as early as your 20's, and when lipstick is applied without a primer, it can sit inside the fine lines of the lips, pronouncing their appearance, and the color can also travel up to any small lines that have formed on the outside of the mouth. Using an all-natural lip primer that contains plumping ingredients and moisturizers such as aloe vera and shea butter will give your lips a smooth surface, filling in fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, your all natural lip primer will help to protect and repair your lips over time, allowing for minimized wrinkles and a beautiful mouth. Once you have applied the primer, the next step is to apply your lipstick, which will glide on smooth and even, resulting in a gorgeous smile.


Wrinkles, sagging skin, and dryness are all part of the aging process, but the good news is that in today's world of natural beauty, you can not only conceal your wrinkles with makeup, you can also simultaneously treat them with soothing natural ingredients that bind to your skin and treat wrinkles from the inside out, allowing for all-day beauty and the added benefit of true wrinkle reduction.


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