Akyra Manor Chiang Mai Serves Up Locally-Sourced and Organic Dishes

The bounty of locally produced meat, vegetables and fruit available around the northern Thai capital of Chiang Mai gives the akyra Manor Hotel the chance to take advantage of the freshest ingredients in the region.

The akyra Manor's Italics Restaurant is re-imagining and deconstructing high-quality global cuisine, and featuring a fusion of flavors made from the freshest local produce. From organic cherry tomatoes and French cheeses made in Chiang Mai, to 100 percent Thai Arabica coffee handpicked in the nearby hills, patrons will appreciate this innovative spin on classic Italian cuisine. One great option is the delicious Thai-inspired Chiang Mai pizza topped with sour pork, the famous northern Thai sausage known as sai oua.

Heading up the kitchen at akyra Manor's Italics Restaurant is Chef Phubase, who says, "We're fortunate that Chiang Mai not only enjoys a strong culinary tradition, but also has a plethora of high-quality produce and artisanal food products available locally. Sourcing our ingredients from nearby producers helps support the local economy."

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