Fine Artist Celine Merges Art with Interior Design

It can be hard to find art that fits in with your interior design motif. Fine artist Celine understands this better than anyone. Celine blends her abstract paintings with her interior design vision to create elegant, abstract works of art.  Her works grace both living rooms and art galleries.  She is currently working on a new concept that melds different styles.  Celine hints at her upcoming projects and discusses her inspirations.


How did you start working as an artist?

I have always been attracted to art. Growing up I loved taking art classes in the summers; I began experimenting with my creativity in 2004; post grad school when I finally found more free time, I began to explore some abstract art courses at The Brentwood Art Center in L.A.  What started out as a fun side hobby, turned into something much bigger than I ever expected. Once I saw how people reacted to my art, I gained more confidence and for the first time, identified myself as an artist.  It took a while though to see myself this way, but today I realize that I don’t have to be limited by education alone; that I can be a multi-faceted individual and reinvent myself anytime inspiration is born.


What artists have had the greatest influence on your work?

To name a few…Picasso, Joan Miro and Matisse for their groundbreaking sense of cutting edge art in their time, as well as some current artists such as Jamali for his use of colors and textures to express his mystical sense of the world; Fabienne Verdier for her larger than life paintings and use of her enormous custom suspended paintbrush (which I happen to think is ingenious) and Gerhard Richter for his sense of adventure in his paintings. 



How do you define your art?

I would best describe or define most of my art as abstract art, as I use the visual language of colors, shapes, forms and textures to create my compositions.  In many cases, my art is viewed as decorative art, created to enhance interiors.


Where has your art been shown?

My art has most recently been exhibited at the Hangar Galleries in Santa Monica, CA. where 

 I hope to exhibit a new collection there this summer.

I also have shown my art at corporate events/ private shows, fundraiser events, at the Laguna Art Walk at the LGOCA Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA. as well as several online galleries.  For a complete list of events and exhibits, you can visit my website: www.CelineModernArt.com


You also work as a psychologist, how do you feel that has informed your art? My background in Psychology has helped inform me on the relationship between color and the psyche as well as in the connection between the mind/psyche and the therapeutic effects of creating or painting. As a therapeutic tool, it can be useful in the moment of purging or releasing, however for me, I feel that I want to only expose art with a positive and happy message.


Do you feel your background and work in psychology has you approach your art differently that your otherwise would? 

Yes, as mentioned before, psychology and the expression of art are closely related. My interests in spirituality also play a role in my art.  Often for many artists, the subconscious mind takes over while painting or creating. What we hold on to in our souls, manifest in the physical form we call art. Any form of art. Whether it’s music, dance, design, or visual art, our individual experiences in our individual journey gives way to the creations expressed. I often draw upon my knowledge of art and the psychology behind colors and images when working with children who have trouble expressing themselves. In my own work, I avoid painting when I’m feeling intense negative emotion, and instead enter my studio when I have clarity of mind and feel rather positive.  I prefer to create work that is visually pleasing and evokes beauty and that does not attach itself to negativity, though some artists find great success in creating works in their sadness, anger or despair.


You are also interested in interior design, have you combined that with your work as an artist?

 I find that interior design and art are interchangeable. I always combine interiors with art. My starting place for any piece is to first flip through my collection of interior design magazines for inspiration. I may spot an interesting textured piece of furniture and that may be the launching pad for the next piece I create. When working with a client on a commission piece, my starting point is to visit their space so that I can really tailor the piece for their interiors. I obviously do the same in my own home, though most of my furnishings are chosen in a neutral grey so that I may rotate artwork in various colors. 


I recently combined my artwork with designing interiors for a mid-century property in Palm Springs, which was showcased during the recent Modernism Week Home Tours in Palm Springs this past February.  


How has your art changed during the years? 

 Naturally, as I have experimented with various techniques and mediums over the years, my art has changed a bit and I expect that it will continue to change and evolve. My art has become more confident as I’ve become more confident. Several of my earlier pieces have since been painted over. This is not uncommon with artists and I’m certainly no exception. I expect to be more at peace with the works that I have created as of recent as I feel more comfortable in my own skin than I did when I first started painting. All artists evolve in their craft. However, I’ve been told that my style is slowly becoming apparent, so I guess that’s a good thing.  I hope that regardless of the medium and direction of my art, that I can maintain a signature style for myself.



Where can people see your art? 

At the moment, people can access some of my art collection on my personal website, www.CelineModernArt.com, as well as on my Instagram page under the same handle.  

I also plan on showing again at the Hangar and other galleries in the near future. 



Are you currently working on any new pieces? Yes, I am currently working on creating additional textured pieces but I’m also working on a new concept. The collection is in its early stage, inspired by travels, spirituality and philosophy and will be fused with my photography and poetry. That’s all I can tell you at the moment.  Stay tuned.











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