Growing Your Instagram Account as a Fashion Blogger

Fashion Blogger

Growing Your Instagram Account as a Fashion Blogger

Instagram is a popular visual social marketing platform that works amazing for Fashion Blogger. More than millions of active users are easily accessible to it. You cannot post only images, but also get information on this platform to attract the maximum number of views.

Do you want to grow your lifestyle or fashion Instagram account? Follow these tips to do just this.

1. Not Chronological

I want to emphasize that Instagram is absolutely not in chronological order. For years, it hasn't been. Instagram stopped displaying everything that you post to all of your followers right after you post it in around 2016 officially. People are still reminiscing about the good old days of Instagram in the chronological days but with thousands of options that are available at any given moment in time for "what to show" it shouldn't be too surprising why this has changed.

2. Reach And Engagement

Just like on Facebook, the number of people who will see your post - your "reach" - will be determined by how much engagement your post receives when it is put up initially. Right off the bat, it has been said that posts on Instagram get a reach of around 10% of your followers. Depending on the number of individuals who comment or like, gradually your organic reach will increase. Auto IG likes says if the initial group of individuals who follow you quickly interact with your post, then it will be given priority and become even more viral.

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3. Comments Count

Comments on Instagram are given a lot more weight compared to just 'hearts.' So it is best if you post captions which include questions in order to nurture engagement and ensure you respond to comments that you receive on your posts and have conversations with your followers. A very common amateur mistake on Instagram is to ignore and not respond to comments. No matter what, make sure to always respond to your comments. Genuine comments are prioritized by Instagram over 'spam' comments or emojis. Don't worry about tricking it too much. Simply common like a regular human.  

4. Comment On Others Posts

Commenting is one of the main ways people can find you (those who don't already follow you). That is why you need to be sure that along with commenting on your own posts to make meaningful comments on posts from other people also.  

5. Discovering Posts

Some of the other ways that people can discover your posts to help your account grow include: Hashtags (make sure to use well-trafficked, relevant ones), Locations (always use a location tag), Suggested for you (those are trending posts and viral posts that are curated for every user), and in the followers of individuals who are following you (people can discover you there as well).

6. Keywords Matter

Keywords and the search bars are also quite relevant to Instagram. Be sure that your profile is optimized. The more obvious your name is the better. Incorporate keywords in your bio also. Those are two simple things you can do to help make yourself more 'search-friendly.'

Even a really visible and active Instagram account will have plenty of 'drive-by' traffic and individuals who will follow and then unfollow quickly - if all you do is 'content dump' that is and don't engage with followers.

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