Reduce Your Cholesterol Level with Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet

Cholesterol is a lipid or fat that is produced by the liver. It is crucial for body function and metabolism. However, there is a certain amount of this compound that should be present in human body. High cholesterol level can harm your health in many ways. Hence, it is important to control it. Apart from medicines and medical therapies there are some foods and ingredients that can help you to reduce your cholesterol level. There is Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet or TLC diet that provides immense help to lower the cholesterol in human body. One can reduce his/her cholesterol up to 10 percent within 6 weeks with the help of this diet.

This diet is created and promoted by the National Cholesterol Education Program. This diet is proven to be helpful for the patients who are suffering from high cholesterol and therefore many physicians recommend this diet to their patients. However, TLC diet is not only helpful in reducing the cholesterol level, but also in weight loss. So, if someone has the issue of obesity along with high cholesterol, this is the diet he/she should follow to get rid of his/her problems.

TLC diet can be followed by anyone. There is no any strict rule that only the patients of high blood cholesterol can follow this diet, but anybody, who wants to avoid the chances of getting this problem or have the tendency to get attacked by high cholesterol, can follow the TLC diet to abolish the threat of high blood cholesterol.

There are lots of factors that are responsible for high cholesterol. Some of them are smoking, having a stressful life, high blood pressure, having a family history of heart problem and high cholesterol, being male above 45 or female above 55, being overweight, irregular and unhealthy diet, and lots more. However, you cannot control all of these factors to reduce cholesterol level of your body. For example you cannot change your family history of having high blood pressure or heart related ailments, you cannot change your gender or age. But there are some factors that can be changed or control by you easily and diet is one of them. So following TLC diet is something that you can easily do in order to lower your cholesterol level or reduce the chance of being attacked by high blood cholesterol.

However, before you start your TLC diet, you need to get more info on this subject. You should consult your physician and check your current cholesterol level. You can start the TLC diet only if your doctor recommends you so. Once you start this diet, you need to go through a regular check up of your cholesterol level in order to know about the success of the diet.

Sometimes, this diet is combined with exercises and some physical activities as well for those who are suffering from overweight. Otherwise, only for reducing the cholesterol level the diet is effective enough.

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