Switch Up Your Look With Colored Contact Lenses

The fun of fashion lies in exploring all the different ways to explore your personal style. This is probably why the colored contact lens market has grown so much and is expected to grow another 10.3% by 2028, with social media inspirations and a greater focus on appearances illuminating how much the eyes can enhance your overall look. Contact lenses are much easier to get a hold of now, too, with services like virtual try-on technologies and subscriptions. 

If you’re curious about why and how you should use contact lenses for fashion, read on. 

How contact lenses elevate your look

Changing your eye color can be a great way to express yourself and channel different energies. Color theory is a popular way to create moods, feelings, and reactions in fashion, but it's often based on skin tone and hair color alone — leaving the eyes an understated factor. 

Research suggests that people subconsciously base aesthetic judgments on eye color. Even when participants were asked to match clothing to people based on skin tone, they did so based on the eyes. So, switching up your eye colors can be a great way to make the whole look come together if you want to harmonize your clothes and makeup. 

Tips for using contact lenses for fashion 

Caring for your contact lenses

Just like your clothes and cosmetics, contact lenses come with maintenance guidelines. While using colored contacts is safe, wearing them correctly is essential. Wash your hands before putting them in, remove them before you sleep, and avoid wearing them too long. Take note of the prescribed lifespan of your lenses, too. Reliable brands like Air Optix Colors, Dailies Colors, and FreshLook Colors are available for one-day use for greater convenience. They don’t require cleaning since you can dispose of them at the end of the day, and you can order several packs online so they can be on hand whenever you need to use them. You may also choose contact lenses with longer replacement schedules, but you should wash them after every use. Finally, if you require contact lenses with vision correction, consult an optometrist so they can provide a prescription that will ensure properly fitting lenses and optimal vision. 

Choosing contact lens colors

While contact lenses can fit a variety of clothing, you should consider what kind of color switch you’re looking for, as contacts vary in opacity. If you’re only looking for a slight change, visibility tints can subtly change the hues of your eyes, while enhancement tints can heighten its vibrancy. If you have darker eyes, you can go for opaque lenses, which completely change the color of your irises. Finally, consider your complexion. Those with cool undertones match green, blue, and grey colors best, while those with warm undertones suit hazel, brown, and honey lenses. If you’re still unsure, you can try virtual try-ons like those for Air Optix Colors, which allow you to approximate how lenses would look on you.  

Harmonizing your outfits and makeup 

Matching your contact lenses with your clothes, hair, or makeup can make your look more cohesive and lets you be more adventurous by seeing which colors can make others pop out better. For instance, you can wear icy blue lenses and a light outfit if you want to try multi-colored, cool-toned eyeshadows. Or if you want a soft, autumny look, you can try hazel eyes with natural browns for your makeup and clothes. Don’t neglect your foundation, too, since makeup that gives you better skin can lead to subtle changes in your look that maximize your aesthetic changes when paired with colored contact lenses. Primers, liquid foundations, concealers, blushes, and highlighters with components like avocado oil, green tea, niacinamide, and SPF can boost your skin health for a vibrant glow to go with your eyes. 

Contact lenses can make fashion even more exciting by allowing you to venture beyond your comfort zone. With these tips, you can take your looks to the next level.

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