Source Digital is Amplifying the Music Scene One Concert at a Time with Source Activated Moments

According to Nielsen Music, around 52% of people attend a live music event each year. People love them so much that even during the pandemic, when in-person concerts were on hold, people watched the bands perform live on television. One company, Source Digital, is helping event planners get the most out of the live music events they plan, and it is doing it through what it refers to as Source Activated Moments (SAMs).

“Using SAMs is a win-win situation for everyone,” explains Hank Frecon, the chief executive officer of Source Digital. “Source comes in when the venue has sold out their tickets, and those that can not be there still get to have the live experience through digital.  So everyone wins when SAMs are used for live events, and the audience gets to enjoy an interactive engaging concert.”

Source Digital is an innovative platform that allows marketers to target the viewer and provide a seamless way to interact with them. It allows purchasing opportunities that won’t distract from the overall experience or cause any interruptions. Rather than blatantly put ads in videos or livestream events, SAMs makes it easier for marketers to make contact with the viewers and increase sales overall. 

With SAMs, marketers can promote something to the viewer without causing disruption. Plus, it can be highly targeted items that are being promoted. For example, if one live concert is being broadcast, the event planner has the ability to offer these things to the viewers without taking them away from the concert:

Equipment to purchase  - learn what kind of guitar the band is using and shop it then and there.

Charitable givebacks - A charitable giveback can be activated during the livestream, when viewers are in the moment and excited to support a cause.

Locations to visit - Learn about the location and city of the concert, or places to visit.

Exclusive branded moments – score deals when they pop up.

Fun facts and teaching moments - learn the lyrics, or fun facts behind the live moments you are watching.

Live fan chats - Chat with your friend from out of state, or a concert goer and enjoy the unity of music, or make new friends.

Merchandise - Get access to merchandise from your favorite band, or gift a friend.

Contests - Enter to win one-of-a-kind experiences with the band or branded content opportunities for creative advertising 

“There are many valuable reasons to activate SAMs during a live feed of any concert,” added Jeff Wilhoite, chief revenue officer at Source Digital. “Those who are using this technology are seeing great increases in their profits, and the fans love it.”

Source Digital’s platform quietly works in the background, so that it can provide a better user experience and increase engagement. Source Digital has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies to help create a more engaging and effective video advertising experience. To learn more about Source Digital, visit:


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