The Hottest Up-and-Coming Musicians Share Their Inspiration

Does it come in a flash of creativity, the music flowing into your brain effortlessly, or is the process a little more painful with endless frustrating nights spent staring at the piano? Musicians will claim both are true, but chances are there is something in your past—some piece of music you heard twenty years ago, another artist you enjoy listening to, or a soundtrack to your favorite movie—which has provided you with inspiration. The inspiration from others is always there, and the most successful musicians acknowledge that inspiration and thrive on it. Despite these influences, they are creating completely new and original art which nonetheless incorporates bits and pieces of music from those who have gone before them. That process of drawing inspiration from others and making it your own is what makes music great, and it often begins simply when one musician listens to another artist’s work, and wonders, “How did they do that?,” “What equipment did they use?” or “What combination of musical instruments created that powerful sound I enjoyed so much?”

“It’s a common practice for professional musicians to draw inspiration from others, and to seek out technical information to learn how to produce certain sounds,” said Michael Pierce, founder of EquipBoard, an online database of artists and the gear they use. “But there is often a gap between inspiration, and actually using that inspiration to create something artistic and unique. Closing that gap starts with the equipment chase—simply understanding how that particular piece of music was created, with what type of gear. Once you are able to understand the mechanics, then you can truly take that inspiration and begin the creative process.”

Roman Kowalski

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