Why You'll Soon Be Hearing Frank Kilpatrick's Music

Songwriter and musician Frank Kilpatrick freely acknowledge that you’ve probably never heard him on the radio, but, chances are you will very soon start hearing his songs.  For the past two years, he has been writing and recording songs that span the musical spectrum.  Forming his own music company with collaborator Rayko, Frank has created countless tunes that strike a powerful chord in today’s world. There is seemingly no subject he isn’t willing to tackle, from interracial relationships to politics to mental health. Below, he talks to JustLuxe about his musical past, present, and future and why he makes music that matters: 

When did you start working professionally as a musician? 

Songwriting has been a new exploration for me over the past two years: I had run an advertising agency and had written ads (and shot video), so I knew something about the power of words. But writing lyrics is different: There’s a fairly consistent format for songs accepted by Pop Music listeners that requires a sparse narrative and strict discipline as to format – while endeavoring to make the piece universally appealing. So that was a new learning for me!  (Funny story: Now, when people ask me where I went to school, I proudly say “Berkeley.” But today, they sometimes make the mistake of thinking it is “Berklee” – the music school: So I say: “No, the one with the football team…”) My motivation is always been to create music and messages that are memorable and connect with listeners emotionally enabling them to think about the topic from a new perspective, if only for a moment. I am aiming to achieve some level of “Social Contribution,” if I’m lucky; that’s my “Through Line.”

Carly Zinderman

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