Gucci Ditches Tradition

Within the last few months, a number of major designers and brands have announced their plans to ditch the traditional Fashion Week model in favor of something more consumer friendly. Gucci is the latest brand to join the revolution. Today, the Italian label announced that they would no longer hold individual runway shows for men and women, but would now combine the shows into one.

"It seems only natural to me to present my men's and women's collections together," creative designer Alessandro Michele said in a statement. "It's the way I see the world today. It will not necessarily be an easy path and will certainly present some challenges, but I believe it will give me the chance to move towards a different kind of approach to my story telling." Since Michele took over as creative director at Gucci, he’s been combining men’s and women’s looks, parading both sexes down the runway in a series of androgynous designs that blend the best of men’s and women’s styles.  

While Gucci is following in the path of brands like Burberry and Tom Ford, they are adamant that they will stick to a “see now, buy later” schedule. Most brands changing up their Fashion Week routine are also attempting to capitalize on the consumer’s immediate desire for product, but the brand notes that lead time is essential to the brand’s “creative and production capabilities.”

Marissa Stempien

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