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Now that we’re in the midst of spring cleaning, we can’t help but think of reorganizing our closets for the new season (or calling in the pros to give it a total makeover). If you’ve been scanning Pinterest for ideas, you’ll want to check out the wardrobes of your favorite celebs, whose spacious and dream-worthy dressing rooms make everything else look like a cramped storage unit. Color-coded walls of heels, glass display cases for handbags, an island with drawers for jewelry and accessories—are all must-haves for any high-profile closet. Whether you’re just looking to give your room a little facelift or you’re seriously considering knocking down a wall to expand your shoe space, these are some of our favorite A-lister closets that are both easy to envy and easy to copy.


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Khloe Kardashian

You can’t really talk about closets without bringing up the Kardashians, and Khloe has got a seriously amazing place to store her duds. She has two closets: a smaller one specifically for her sports gear and gym clothes, and another for the rest of her wardrobe. Her dressing rooms are meticulously arranged from the sweatbands she uses during her workouts to her everyday jeans and tees. Everything is color coded, arranged by length, and every pair of shoes is placed on easily visible and accessible shelves. “I love ALL of my shoes! It is a must to have them color coordinated and to be able to see each and every one of them!” she told The Coveteur. “I know exactly where each one lives and I can tell if one has even been moved!”


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Christina Aguilera

When we first got a glimpse of Christina Aguilera’s wardrobe, she had translated two bedrooms into a pink and red, boudoir-inspired dressing room. Trading in the clean lines and neutral tones that most prefer for their closet, she chose to paint some of the walls in a light pink, hang up heavy drapes in a vampy red and added cheetah print rugs to the floors. She’s since moved into a new home (and updated her closet), and created a much less garish room in which to store her beloved heels. She traded in Barbie walls for white shelves and cheetah rugs for stone flooring, but that doesn’t make it any less fabulous. In fact with all the sparkly heels, ornate jewelry and lacy accessories in her collection, a neutral background makes her pieces pop.


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Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr has little time and even less space to organize her wardrobe within her New York City apartment. The supermodel, beauty brand founder and mother tries to keep her clothing collection to a minimum to cut down on space (well—as much as she can), but loves to decorate her closet with bright colors, antique furnishings, and natural pieces like rose quartz, floral arrangements and floor plants. Rather than bookmark an entire room (or two) for her pieces, she has several wardrobes around her bedroom and keeps a few selections of jewelry, fragrances and accessories out around her room as part of her décor. “We couldn’t shoot all of my wardrobe,” Kerr said of her closet editorial with Elle magazine. “I’m living in New York. You make the best of the space that you have.”


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Kaley Cuoco

On The Big Bang Theory, Kaley Cuoco’s character Penny may lack fashion sense, but in real life the actress is a true fashionista. Her LA home has an expansive three-bedroom closet to house her clothes, accessories and insanely massive collection of footwear. Of course, all three rooms aren’t dedicated entirely to shoes—she also had a full beauty salon and cappuccino maker installed in her dressing area. To give the rooms character, she finished them off with surrealist paintings, portraits and funky lighting. “When I bought this house, I knew I wanted to convert one of the bedrooms into my dream closet,” she told The Coveteur. “I had dreamed of this my entire life, and I wanted it more than anything! I wanted a 'girls only' haven where I could get ready for events and basically store all [of] my favorite pieces.”


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Sophia Webster

If you’re a shoe fanatic, you may want to take a page out of Sophia Webster’s book. The shoe and accessory designer has a neat but colorful closet that highlights her collection, front and center. Due to her love for all things colorful and bright, she opted for a neutral background to make her pieces pop, and with a new baby makes the most of her space by storing bags on the top of shelves and hanging them on the walls. She shares the closet with her one-year-old daughter Bibi, who has the most adorable collection of bright shoes and frilly baby dresses. She accessorized the room with pink step stools, matching pastel vanity sets for her and her daughter, and bright pieces of pop art, like neon butterflies.


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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

When you’re a top supermodel, lingerie designer and up-and-coming actress, having a posh wardrobe is just par for the course. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has a dressing room that looks more like a romantic French studio than a place to store your clothes. Using plush fabrics like a sheepskin rug, velvet couch and fur accents with an abundance of soft cream, rose and gold tones, it’s a vintage-lover’s dream. It’s neat, but not rigidly so, with bags piled delicately on shelves, open closets and lingerie just hung from the wardrobe doors. “I like to be very organized, in case you hadn’t noticed! I recommend matching clothes hangers; the thin ones allow more space. Always fold knitwear, and if you really want to go for it, you can color coordinate everything!” she told The Coveteur. “Also a good 'throwout' every couple of months helps to keep things in order. I donate most of my old clothes to Goodwill or give them to my girlfriends.”


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Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe has closets everywhere. She has closets at home, closets at work and all of them house insane collections of vintage and of-the-moment dresses, sweaters, hats, bags and most importantly shoes. As a go-to stylist for the biggest names in Hollywood, Zoe has access to almost every collection from designers big and small. She gets to sift through all those lovely pieces to decide what to dress her clients in and what to take home. But despite her massive personal collection she likes to keep everything well organized both at work and home, keeping everything in neat rows, color-coded and ready to wear.  “Visibility is key, with compartments and boxes so that everything has its place,” she told InStyle.

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