Teadora Beauty is Bringing Eco-Friendly Perfection to our Bathrooms


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We have to say we’ve tried a lot of products in the JustLuxe offices—everything from body glitter to slimming lotion has passed over our desks, and although we enjoy most luxury beauty products, eco-friendly products are in a class all their own.  Maybe it’s the fragrances, or that we don’t see quick results—either way they have to be pretty exceptional to make us happy. Enter Teadora. With a full line of products ranging from shampoo to body oil, this Brazilian brand is quickly becoming a new favorite.


Started by Valeria Cole, Teadora was founded out of a passion for natural beauty taught to Cole by her mother and grandmother. Wanting to create a brand that brought the magical properties of the Brazilian rainforest to the world, she started Teadora with the knowledge that the brand would be both beneficial to its consumers as well as the environment. Teadora means “adore you” in Portuguese and that’s the feeling meant to be conveyed through the brand. While the shampoos and elixirs may not instantly make you feel like an eco-goddess (okay, maybe they do a little bit), you’ll feel like one the moment you remember how washing your hair is saving the world one tree at a time.

Made from 100 percent vegan products, the brand conducts zero animal testing and is sustainably harvested, carbon-reduction focused, recyclable, biodegradable and fair-trade sourced—quite the mouthful. Plus there are zero synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalate, gluten, silicone, sulfates or other harsh chemicals. Basically this stuff is pure nature. With an entire ingredients page, the site offers up info on all of their Brazilian ingredients with information about what each is known for and the benefits one can expect from using it. Needless to say we now have a much better understanding of Amazonian flora.


And not only are their products the best good-for-you stuff you can get in a bottle, the company also started their own initiative called EARTH FOR YOU. YOU FOR EARTH. through which they support youth education, leadership development and health, as well as sustainable agriculture as a way to stop deforestation. They also partner with Tiny Purple Fishes, a non-profit that helps children connect with their community by taking at-risk teens and giving them the opportunity to be stronger, more-confident individuals.


Trying out the hair set in both the dusk and dawn fragrances, there doesn’t seem to any difference between the two aside from the scent—one for the mornings, obviously the other for evenings. A quick glance at the ingredient label boasts numerous good-for-you things including certified organic coconut oil right near the top of the list. Always afraid a new shampoo will be drying to my hair, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my hair felt moisturized, healthy and squeaky clean. By the time my hair had dried it felt soft and smooth, and with just a little more bounce than even my favorite shampoo had ever given me. Smoothing on their nourishing bath and body oil, my skin felt moisturized and supple, without feeling oily, which can only be the magic of the rainforest.


It’s rare that I find something good enough to make me want to replace my favorite beauty products—it’s rarer still when they’re organic and filled with healthy stuff (what can I say, I’m okay with chemicals when they make my skin perfect). But Teadora makes me want to toss out almost everything in my bathroom. Why would I need a shampoo that’s great, when I can have one that’s great and helps save the rainforest. For a brand that’s so environmentally and health conscious their products are pretty amazing—we’re hoping it won't be long before they expand their line to include skincare, cosmetics—maybe even fragrances in the spirit of their two existing scents: Dusk and Dawn..

Teadora products are available online and priced from $15-$40.

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