Best Luxury Watches Over $10,000 for Men

Everyone loves a good luxury watch. It?s both a representation and measure of the one thing that we?re all obsessed with? time. We never have enough of it, as we?re always running to appointments, rushing to work, or trying to meet a deadline. With time being the essence of our daily lives, it?s only appropriate to invest in a good watch to keep you on track. An abundance of luxury pieces are on the market today, serving their purpose while also doubling as status symbols to many? and they have the price tags to match. Though expensive watches are made of exceptional quality, not all of them will maintain their value over the years to come. So if you?re going to make the investment in a high-end timepiece that will be worth more in the future, there are a few things you?ll have to look for while making your purchase.

For one, the timepiece should be made by a top luxury watch brand. While many of these labels have been established for decades, don?t forget about the new guys? some independent newcomers are giving big name brands a run for their money with complex watches that are of high quality. Second of all, the watch should be from a limited batch and special in some way. The fewer pieces made in a certain edition, the rarer? and therefore more expensive? it will be. It also helps if the limited edition watch was produced for a special event or landmark, giving it a special meaning due to a time in history. Finally, above all, the watch should be complex and of the highest craftsmanship.


We?ve seen several luxury timepieces whose values have soared in price since their release decades ago, but now that you?re in a position to acquire one of these beauties, how can you tell which of the newer models will be a smart investment? We?ll save you some time by filling you in on six luxury watches that we expect to appreciate over the next 10 or 20 years.

If you decide to actually take the plunge and invest in one of these modern timepieces, make sure to keep it in good shape. Hang on to the papers that certify the watch?s history when you attain it, and make sure you keep it in a box. Even though you?ll probably want to show off your timepiece and ?get your money?s worth,? a watch's value actually decreases every time you wear it. Aside from the obvious exposure and wear and tear that comes with wearing it, the skin?s oils actually sink into the watch and make it less desirable. So be patient and know that by keeping your prized piece on the shelf, you?re increasing its chances of becoming more valuable? over time, of course.

Nicolle Keogh

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