Aerion’s AS2 Business Jet to Make Sustainable Supersonic Travel a Reality

Photo credits: Aerion

Built on four pillars that drive the innovative nature of the company, Aerion announced that their AS2 business jet will be the only supersonic aircraft ever designed for carbon-neutral operation. Aerion is driven to engineer a faster tomorrow, with a mindset of a startup built upon innovation and risk taking, the company is pioneering the future of travel. They have been able to significantly reduce the time and friction of travel while leaving no carbon footprint behind. Furthermore, the company announced the breaking of ground on its new campus ahead of the 2023 production start.

With an expected first flight in late 2025, AS2 is a revolution running completely on synthetic fuels. It measures 148.5 feet in length, 87 feet in width, and 29.5 feet in height, its spacious interior has a max height of 6+ feet. Propelled by the first new civil supersonic engine in 50 years, Boomless Cruise™ technology, it will be able to cruise at 1000 mph. That means it can fly passengers from NYC to London in just four hours. This new era of sustainable supersonic flight comes with an approach to responsible speed, to ensure a sonic boom never reaches the ground.

“Aerion is an exciting place, fueled by entrepreneurs, creators and innovators,” says Tom Vice, Aerion’s Chairman, President & CEO. “We are building more than the airplane of tomorrow – we are building the global transportation networks of the future and we will seek the smartest, most creative and collaborative minds to join our team and our journey to tackle the toughest mobility challenges of the future.”

Destined to create an experience beyond anything else, AS2 seamlessly blends sustainable luxury craftsmanship with its innovative future technology. With the ability to carry eight to 10 passengers, the interiors of the high-speed jet provide personalized luxury and unparallel comfort. Along with the Whisperquiet™ cabin and Purity™ climate control, other unique features include full-spectrum OLED lighting, an intuitive user interface and an immersive environment complimented by high-speed connectivity.

To prepare for the start of AS2 production in 2023, construction planning has begun on a 110-plus acre site in Melbourne, Florida. This new state-of-the-art Aerion Park development will not only be the company’s new global headquarters with an integrated campus for research, design, production, like the AS2 it will be designed with state of the art environmental sustainable technologies. With a customer order backlog now which extends to $6.5billion+, the completion of this complex can’t come soon enough.

“This is a truly exciting day for Aerion when we can launch our new home and the future of sustainable supersonic flight here in Melbourne, Florida,” adds Tom Vice, Aerion’s Chairman, President & CEO. “We are building the future of mobility – a future where humanity can travel between any two points on our planet in three hours or less. We believe we will change the world and bring new sustainable means of supersonic and hypersonic flight to reality and it will happen here, at Aerion Park.”

The company’s first pillar is that of time. Time for all is precious and with the advent of supersonic flight, customers will be able to spend more time to enjoy, connect and love. The second is environmental protection. Aerion is committed to addressing climate change, realizing the adverse impact air travel has on the environment. The third is building deeper human connections which are more important than ever. Last but certainly not least is a simple fact, travel (and the future of travel) should be amazing. This is achieved by Aerion creating an enjoyable, efficient and exciting luxurious experience that seamlessly integrates with their customers' life.

Aerion is of the belief that the AS2 will make global mobility more flexible all without a carbon footprint. AS2 in ushering in a new era of supersonic flight will be able to bring more people together and not have distance be a barrier anymore to anyone on our planet.

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