Hollywood's Latest Darling: How Carey Mulligan Rose to Fame

Carey Mulligan
Born: 1985, Westminster, England, UK
Best Known For: Her starring roles in An Education and The Great Gatsby

Starring as Daisy Buchanan may be throwing Carey Mulligan in the spotlight but the British actress has been deserving of the attention for years, playing one standout role after another. Whether you've been a fan of hers since you first saw her in 2005's Pride & Prejudice (where she played Kitty Bennet to Keira Knightley's Elizabeth Bennet) or since you saw her in 2009's An Education, it doesn't really matter because once The Great Gatsby is released, everyone is going to be claiming love dating years back.

Born May 28, 1985, Carey Mulligan comes from a modest upbringing, being raised in a middle-class family that traveled constantly, from Hyde Park Corner to Hanover, Germany. Her father Stephen was originally from Liverpool and made a living as a hotel manager, while her mother Nano was born in Llandeilo, Wales and worked as a university lecturer ? they apparently met while both were working in a hotel in their twenties. Mulligan also has an older brother, Owain, who is a captain in the British Army and served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. It's also interesting to note that while Mulligan was a kid, she and Marcus Mumford (lead singer of Mumford & Sons) were pen pals. Though they lost touch at some point, they reconnected as adults and got married in April 2012.

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