Grab a VIP Pass For Next Year's Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas

After a fun-filled weekend, Downtown Las Vegas has returned to normal after workers tore down nine stages, a multitude of kiosks and booths, along with art installations that included everything from an enormous “wall” signed by any attendee with a Sharpie to a truck–sized metal praying mantis that shot balls of fire out of its antennae. All said and told 60 thousand people flooded Fremont street for what would be a pretty amazing two days, packed with things to do, eat and experience. (Coachella had about 80 thousand this year to put things in perspective, and they have been at it since 1999.)

Art, food, music and learning were focal points of the first ever Life Is Beautiful Festival, featuring distinguished speakers, popular musical acts, street art, performance art and celebrity chefs. On the foodie front 16 chefs had gourmet bites on offer like Braised Lamb Tacos with goat cheese from Biscayne and Yellowtail Sashimi Jalapeno from Nobu.

Courtney Driver

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