Win a Nespresso Aluminum Pixie, Aeroccino+ and 2013 Holiday Grand Cru!!!

There are few things more comforting that topping off dinner with dessert and coffee. A wonderful meal’s afterglow, if you will. Should you really want to blow your guests' socks off, serving a steaming Nespresso coffee drink along with a slice of coffee cake or pumpkin pie will certainly do the trick.

Don’t have a Nespresso machine yet? Well aren’t you lucky, because for the Holidays we are giving away a brand new Pixie Aluminum, an Aeroccino+ and a sleeve of Nespresso’s 2013 Holiday Grand Cru! The adorable little Pixie fits perfectly on any countertop, with a slim design that works well even with limited space, measuring in at 4.33 x 12.83 x 9.25 in. Actually it would work well almost anywhere, so even if you already have one, you may as well enter to win this machine, because hey, having an extra right on your bathroom counter or in your office is a luxury everyone secretly wants.

Operating the Pixie is super simple: pick your pour size (after the first time the little machine will remember your preference), drop in the capsule, press down the lever and off you go. The machine will heat in about 25 seconds, and the water tank holds just shy of 24 ounces, so you’ll get a few cups out of it before you need to refill.

Courtney Driver

Courtney Driver combines her passion for luxury with her love for writing as the Executive Editor for JustLuxe. An authority on the luxury lifestyle, Driver's travel experience has come to encompass visits to some of the most lavish properties in the world, exclusive transportation methods such as helicopter and private jet, as well as exotic locales like Africa, Asia and the South Pacific. Having...(Read More)