The Aervana Wine Aerator Leaves Sediment in the Bottle Where it Belongs


Photo Credit: Aervana

Any wine connoisseur knows that one cannot just simply drink wine right after popping the cork; you have to let it breathe—unless you have an aerator, that is. Dissatisfied with what he found on the market, Louis J. Christen III founded Aervana to give the wine-loving public a superior aerator that keeps wine sediment in the bottom of the bottle, where it belongs, and not in your glass. As the “world’s first electric wine aerator,” Aervana promises to reduce tannins, acidity and sulfides by providing “more air contact surface to speed oxidation than any other aerator.” The simple, battery-operated design features a long tube that sinks down into the bottle and a stainless steel pour spout on the top. Once you put it on your wine bottle, it only requires the push of a button to work. Sounds easy enough, right? 

Mila Pantovich

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