Join Us for a Peek Inside the $100k "Holy Grail" of Wine Cellars Tucked Away in Memphis

The Holy Grail is the most legendary chalice in history—long sought-after by knights and scholars—and now the “Holy Grail” of wine cellars has been located, and it is in Memphis, Tennessee. The birthplace of the blues might seem an unlikely location for the world’s best wine cellar, but Craig Weiss (a tech entrepreneur) spares no expense in babying his beloved bottles. Like a doting parent who, in a plush, carefully decorated nursery, tenderly lies his precious infant down in the most secure crib, Weiss can then gaze at his wines while they “sleep.” He can smile wide and speak in hushed tones when he ushers in visitors to see his pride and joy, because he commissioned Revel Custom Wine Cellars, with their unique, proprietary design philosophy, to build this baby.

The result is a viticultural Vatican, an artistic homage to form-following-function by vino virtuoso James Cash, the design rock upon which Revel was built. “I loved working with Craig on this project because he [has] impeccable taste. We both lean towards the understated, timeless elegance end of the style spectrum,” says Cash, who is Michigan-based but has, with the way he has reinvented the modern cellar, turned the wine world sideways. Put simply, Revel’s entirely bespoke cellar system strikes a balance between density of capacity and ease of viewing the labels. In other words, the cellars smartly use whatever space is available to maximize storage, but celebrates those bottles by making them visible. Who doesn’t want to walk through their cellar as if it is an art gallery of Pétrus, Romanée-Conti, Latour, Lafite, Mouton, Haut-Brion, and Margaux?

Michael Patrick Shiels

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