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Food & Spirits: Organic, chocolate, immunity boosting? I'll eat it. In the case of Mayesa, I'll drink it. Mayesa, pronounced "my-es-ah," is new drink made with organic cacao, hemp protein, and a variety of spices. I came across this intriguing concoction at my local Whole Foods store, although Mayesa is also sold in Ralph's and Henrys stores.

The company claims Mayesa its kind, infusing chocolate with hemp protein in a gluten-free, dairy-free dream. From my findings, I'd agree this is a fairly accurate statement. What this intensely flavorful drink delivers daunts me.

One of Mayesa's main ingredients is organic Theobroma cacao or chocolate, literally translated as "food of the Gods." Indeed, chocolate is loved and savored the world over. However, Mayesa's chocolate packs iron, antioxidants, magnesium, and anandamide, a feel good endorphin. Power punch number two: Mayesa is made of hemp protein. I have to admit, my first visions of hemp include potato sacks and drug users, but hemp as a crop is packed with Omega 6 and Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids. It's a more digestible protein than soy protein, which certainly surprised me.

For all of its health benefits, I expected a single Mayesa drink to be several hundred calories or flat out unpalatable, another "meal replacement" elixir with a chalk like flavor. Mayesa is just less than 200 calories per serving, a lovely afternoon pick-me-up or snack. More importantly, Mayesa is, as the company claims, an "indulgent" treat, and the taste supports that claim.

Upon further research, I uncovered that three women created Mayesa. No wonder! Who else would come up with a healthy, low calorie chocolate delight? Drink up.

Katherine Bond

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